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Summary: Three principles that should govern a mom as she raises her kids to know and follow Jesus Christ.


2 Timothy 1:5

Sermon Objective: Three principles that should govern a mom as she raises her kids to know and follow Jesus Christ.


Indira Ghandi once said, “If you give me good mothers I will give you a good nation.”

Her comment is not unique. Many world leaders have understood the value and influence that the home (and mom in particular) can have.

• President John Quincy Adams once said, “All that I am my mother made me.”

• President Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother.”

• Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Give France good mothers and France will have good sons."

• Thomas Edison said, "It was at critical times in my life that my mother believed in me, and because of her faith in me, I became a great inventor."

Evidence has proven the influence of a godly mother in other ways too.

James Dobson once said, “Countless times each day a mother does what no one else can do quite as well. She wipes away a tear, whispers a word of hope, eases a child's fear. She teaches, ministers, loves, and nurtures the next generation of citizens. And she challenges and cajoles her kids to do their best and be the best. But no editorials praise these accomplishments. Where is the coverage our mothers rightfully deserve?”

Well, that is what we are here to do today – give them the coverage they rightly deserve.

I seriously doubt any one here would disagree with the enormous influence a mother can have on society. I also seriously doubt that any of us here would deny that we, regardless of the quality at hand, always need more godly, Spirit-filled mothers to guide society’s children.

Timothy, one of the first pastors in the young Christian Church (he pastored in Ephesus), is an example of the godly influence of a mom … and grandmother too. What a compliment the Apostle Paul pays his mother Lois and his grandmother Eunice! He mentions them by name and gives them direct credit for Timothy’s “sincere faith.”

I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. (2 Timothy 1:5)

This verse compels me to ask myself, just what are the principles that make it possible for a mom to pass her faith on to her children?



I have told you before about the prayer life of Susannah Wesley. She was John and Charles’ mother and is referred to by some as “The mother of Methodism.” She was a powerful influence on their faith and life-style. Her piety and compassion multiplied themselves many times over in these two children.

Susannah’s father was a minister and she was born in England in 1669 as the youngest of twenty-five children! Susannah was married at 19 to Samuel Wesley, also a minister and, not to be outdone, she had nineteen children herself. She always wanted to do big things for God and she did so by humbly raising children to serve Him.

Susannah prayed two hours a day. She organized her children so this could be accomplished. John and Charles, as little boys, just watched their mom. Every day they watched her flip her apron up over her head and pray.

Is it any wonder John and Charles gave their lives to the Gospel and preached an evangelical salvation all across England? It is any wonder Susannah Wesley’s legacy lives on today – over 340 years after her birth!?

Rev. Terry Laughlin Wrote: {The} Christian mother will train, equip and care for herself in a way that benefits the family. A mother of godly influence works to keep herself healthy, alert and well equipped for the work God has laid before her. She will ask herself the most important question, “Will this or that ensure a Christian upbringing of our children or will it keep us too busy for the things of God? Many a Christian mother has done without in order to enjoy the pleasure of sacrificial love, doing what it takes to ensure that her children are being brought up in the faith as Timothy’s mother and grandmother had done.

Moms -- if you want your children to grow up with your faith then they better see it at work and working! They need to see it really change you into the image of Jesus. Otherwise it’s just a religion and they will select the one that fancies them best. There is no guarantee that your kids will grow up to be a John or Charles Wesley but the odds are definitely against them if you are not a person of authentic, practical faith.

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