Summary: A Mother’s Day sersermon

“A Mother’s Model”

Text: I Samuel 1:1-28


Throughout the Bible we find many accounts of Motherhood such as Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Naomi, Ruth and Mary to name a few but this morning we are going to take a look at just one mother who’s name was Hannah. She was a good example of a mother with a true mother’s heart. Hannah was a mother that all mothers today should model after in this day.

Hannah was a very Godly woman. She longed to have a son of her own. So she prayed to God for a son and said that she would dedicate her son back to Him if only He was willing to open up her womb and allow her to have a son.

God listened to her prayer and granted to her the desire of her heart. She name her baby son Samuel. He became a prophet and the high priest of Israel.

In the life of Hannah we find three examples that will help mothers produce children that come to serve God someday.

I.Hannah was a Praying Mother.

A. She Prayed Regularly.

B. She Prayed Repeatedly.

C. She Prayed Earnestly.

II.Hannah was a Patient Mother.

A. Her Patience Helped Her to Wait too Receive.

B. Her Patience Helped Her to Be Willing too Return.

III.Hannah was a Promise-keeping Mother.

A. She Kept Her Promise to Give Her Son Back to God.

B. She Kept Her Promise to Pray for Her Son All Her Days She Lived.


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