Summary: A Mother's Day sermon comparing the sacrifices a good Mother makes with the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made for each of us so that we may know Him.

A Mother’s Sacrifice

Book of John


A mother was putting her son to bed on the eve of his fifth birthday. All year she had been working with him on holding up four fingers when people would ask him how old he was. On this night she was attempting to explain to him that “tonight when you go to bed you are four but when you wake up in the morning you will be five and will hold up all the fingers on your hand to show your age”. She tried explaining this to him many time without success. Finally he got a look in his eyes like he was finally getting it.

He explained, “ When I go to bed tonight I will be four, but when I wake up in the morning I will be a handful!”.

Pretty funny and pretty true. Kids can be a handful. That’s why we set a day aside to honor Mom’s and all they hard work they do with those little handfuls to turn them into productive Christian citizens.

This morning I want to look at four points that compare the life of a good mother with the life of Jesus Christ.

I. Mom’s choose to have their children. Jesus chose to go to the cross.

John 18:1-11 and 12:23, 27-28

A. We live in a day and time where Mother’s can choose to abort their babies.

B. We want to applaud you today for choosing life for your children instead of murdering them.

C. JC could have chosen to abort God’s mission for His life but He didn’t.

II. Like Mary, Mom’s understand that their children were born for a purpose.

John 18:37

A. No one born was an accident. Each of us were born with a God-given purpose:

1. First and foremost is to glorify Jesus Christ.

2. Is to accomplish the life that God planned for us before we were4 born.

B. JC was born to save all of us from the outcome of our sinful lives.

III. Good Mom’s lay down their lives for their children just as JC laid down His life for His followers.

John 10:17 Phil 2:8

A. They sacrifice their bodies.

B. They lay down their lives.

IV. A Christian Mother has the hope that she will rise again because of her faith in JC.

John 6:38-40 and Chap 20


Story of the 23rd Psalm:

Pastor recited eloquently.

Old man spoke from his heart about his shepherd.

Do you know Him as your shepherd?

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