Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Mother’s day sermon focused on God’s responses to our trials in life.

A Mother’s Tears — Gen. 21:14-21

I remember my mother’s tears. Mom is one of those people whose tears come gently, and often. I remember her tears during movies like “Ol’ Yeller.” I remember her tears as she told me our dog had to be put to sleep. I remember her tears at her children’s weddings. I remember her tears the first time she heard me preach—and know that those tears would be flowing right now if she and Dad were here right now instead of in Waco, TX. My mother’s tears flowed gently and often throughout my life and even to this day, whenever her kids were hurting. She try to hide them, tried to be strong for us, and never fully understanding, I think, how much those tears comforted me. Throughout this life, I’ve never doubted my Mother’s love — largely because of those tears. (By the way, that’s one of the many things that endear my Rachel to me—her tears come gently and often.)

Life sometimes hurts. And with that pain, sometimes the tears flow. In our text,God responded to the cries of a mother and son. Throughout the history of the human race, a truth has rang true — Ours is a God of compassion. How do I know this? Let’s look to our text and find God’s reactions toward a mother’s tears — his reactions to our pain.

I. God hears our cries of distress.

A. Once again Hagar was banished.

1. Briefly tell story of “triangle.”

2. This time, God allowed Hagar to be banished—though he promised Abraham that he would take care of Ishmael.

B. God allows us to face difficult times.

C. But as we got through struggles, God hears and understands.

II. The Lord is with us in our times of fear.

A. The angel of the Lord appeared to Hagar.

B. When all hope seems gone, the Lord’s presence offers another chance.

C. God does not want us to face our trials alone.

III. Our Father provides for our needs.

A. God gave Hagar exactly what she needed.

B. The Lord is concerned about all our needs.

C. The Lord will supply what we need to meet our purpose.

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