Summary: This is the 9th study in the study "Intimacy". This study looks at the importance of couples spending time together.


Song of Solomon 8:5-14

The longer a couple has been married the easier it is to fall into a “rut”. Everyone falls into routines. Sometimes a couple needs to take a little vacation and get away from all of the routine. That is where we find Solomon and the Shulamite. Let’s look at some of the benefits of taking a break from the routines of life and spending that time with your mate.


Song of Solomon 8:5-7

Solomon and his wife took a trip to the Shulamite’s home town. As they were coming down the road a relative of the Shulamite’s could see them coming. As they were approaching the relative’s home, Solomon reminded his wife that this was where she was born and was also where she lost her virginity on their Honey Moon. The Shulamite replies with how much she loves her husband and that she was committed to him. The Shulamite woman gives us a wonderful explanation of what will hold a marriage together and that is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Every marriage needs to be revitalized and spending alone time together and sharing your innermost thoughts always brings couples closer to one another.

This couple has now reached their destination and we find the Shulamite’s brothers recalling some of the difficulties they faced in raising her and then she share with them that they had done a good job.


Song of Solomon 8:8-14

The Shulamite woman and her brothers were recalling her raising. Just like any other teenager, the Shulamite woman felt like her brothers were very mean to her. She felt like they were too protective. This is nothing new to our times. I have found that when I was in my teenage years my parents were not very smart, but I can now look back and see why they raised me the way they did and I am thankful for it.

Now that the Shulamite is more mature she understands why here brothers were so strict. The brothers were doing all they could to keep their sister pure. They were responsible for her and so they were very protective of her because they loved her. The Shulamite shares with her brothers that they had done a good job and that she had remained pure until she was married to Solomon.

Apparently her brothers worked for Solomon at the vineyard at Baal Hamon and their wages were 1000 shekels. The Shulamite tells her husband that not only did her brothers do a good job in the vineyard but also did well in raising her to become a good wife. She request that her husband give them 200 shekels as gift of appreciation for raising his wife and making sure she stayed pure.

The last verse of our study shows us that even after many years of marriage, the Shulamite woman still deeply loved her husband and wanted to be with him as much as possible. Marriage can grow stagnate if you will allow it to. If you feel like your marriage is “status quo” then I would suggest that you revitalize your marriage and remember how blessed you are and that with God your marriage will continue to be strong.

Just A Thought

What things do you do to keep your marriage fresh?

When is the last time you and your spouse has went on a date with just the two of you?

It is important that each couple, especially couples with children in the home, has alone time on a regular basis. The lack of communication can create many difficulties in the marriage. It is also important that a couple has time that they can just focus on one another and not have to worry about entertaining guest or fighting children.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Series: Intimacy (Study In Song of Solomon) #9

April 2, 2003

Bel Aire Baptist Church Marriage Class

Pastor Shawn Drake

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