Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God brought the children of Israel into the Promised Land and all things were made new. There was a time of preparation prior to that for the Israelites to go through.

A New Day Has Come – Joshua 3:14-17, 4:18-5:12: Preparation, Progression, Possession

The children of Israel find themselves on the precipice of possessing the promise. Everything that they had ever heard throughout their lives was within their grasp. The only problem was that Moses – their leader – had just died. Now, what on earth are they supposed to do?


 Preparation: Chapters 1-3:

• God speaks to Joshua that Moses is dead and so it is now up to him to take the lead and possess the promise.

• God tells Joshua over and over to be strong and courageous b/c this is a time that is going to stretch him and challenge him.

• God reiterates to Joshua that He is going to give him every place he places his feet.

• Joshua goes to the people and tells them that in 3 days they are going to possess the land of promise.

• Two spies go in the scope the land and Rahab the prostitute protects them and is in turn protected.


 Progression:

1. The Lord is a Warrior for His People!

a. The waters of Jordan were at flood stage, but the moment they stepped foot into the water, the Lord caused it to roll back and all the children of Israel crossed on dry ground.

b. The Lord will always honor the faith of those who will step out and step in. He is strong and able to fight on their behalf.

c. We often forget just how far the Lord will go to protect and take care of His own children.

d. The hearts of their enemies melted in fear, and they didn’t have the courage to even face Israel (5:1).

2. God Never Forgets the Details of His Promises!

a. The children of Israel camped at Gilgal. (4:19)

b. Gilgal is the place in "the plains of Jericho," "in the east border of Jericho," where the Israelites first encamped after crossing the Jordan #Jos 4:19,20

c. Why does God make it a point to specifically mention where they camped?

d. Gilgal is located in the same region where Abram first received the promise that the land would belong to his family and where he built his first altar unto the Lord.

And Abram passed through the land unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh. And the Canaanite was then in the land. And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an altar unto the LORD, who appeared unto him.

Genesis 12:6-7

3. God Will Establish His Authority and Blessing in the New Land.

a. The Lord renewed His covenant of circumcision with the children of Israel on that day in order to remind them that it was Him and not a work of flesh that was doing these things.

b. God declares that “This day” has Egypt been removed from His people.

c. Israel celebrates the Passover for the first time in their new land.

d. The very day after the Passover, the manna stopped and they enjoyed the fruit of the land of Canaan. Israel moved from the manna of wandering to the fruit of the land.

e. God’s provision always involves the complete enjoyment of the land.


 Possession: Chapter 6

• Israel is restored to the land that was promised to Abraham.

• The walls fall down before the army of Israel and the enemy is defeated.

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Rodney Burton

commented on Feb 6, 2009

I preached this message during the weekend my wife and I were candidates for the pastor position at Calvary A/G (where we are now). My first message at Calvary and they still chose us. :)

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