Summary: Whether we see God in the New Year depends on where we are looking!

A New Look for the New Year

Isa. 6:1-8

It’s the verge of New Year, and a time of reflection on where we’ve been as well as where we’re going. What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Whether they come true or not depends on the providence of God; whether you see God’s providence in you life depends on where you’re looking!

The passage of scripture from Isaiah chapter 6 is a compelling one for us to consider this morning. It serves as a backdrop for us as we face the unknown future of a New Year. King Uzziah had died and the hope of Judah seemed to die with him in the hearts of most of the people. But Isaiah had a moment of personal reflection in the temple that morning that helped him gain a greater vision of what the future held. He saw and understood that the hope of Judah was in the Lord!

I want you to know that our hope for the New Year is also in the Lord! In order for you and I to achieve all that God wants for us requires that we have clear vision of God’s presence all around us; it requires that we look in some specific directions – I believe it requires a new look for the New Year!

( A reading of the Text – Isa. 6:1-8 )

1. Let’s Resolve to look Upward this Year:

We live in a pessimistic world! As the year winds to a close the media reminds us of all the negative events that have occurred. Instead of seeing the hope and promise of what the future may hold, many feel things will only get worse! But our perspective makes all the difference in the world. As people of God we have a develop a spiritual vision that allows us to see beyond the veil of pessimism and negativity and see that our God still sits high and lifted up on His throne!

( Ps. 121:1-2, II Cor. 5:7, I Pet. 3:12 )

2. Let’s Resolve to look Inward this Year:

As Isaiah looked upon the majesty and splendor of God, his reaction was a totally human one – he began to look at himself in relationship to God! (That’s Human Nature) The way of the world is to look at self in comparison to others, but Christians must always look at themselves in comparison to the Lord! My greatest challenge this New Year is not to straighten out your life – it’s making sure I’m living the life God wants me to live.

( Rms. 12:1-2, Phil. 2:5-8, )

3. Let’s Resolve to look Outward this Year:

It’s interesting to see the change takes place with Isaiah as he looks upward and reflects inward in the temple that day – it’s only when he does this that he hears the challenge of God calling for an outward vision of service!

I believe that if we will take a new look in the New Year; we too will hear God calling us to a greater sense of service to those around us. There will be opportunities to serve those who are far from God and those who are struggling in the family of God!

The question is, are you willing to look outward to see the opportunities God will present us in this New Year. Will you say like Isaiah, “Here I am send/use me”.

Today, we stand on the brink of a brand new year. It’s a time to reflect and resolve what we will endeavor to do with what the new year bring. I want to challenge and encourage you to take a new look in the New Year. That process must begin by making sure that you are in a right relationship with God.

If you are here today and not a Christian won’t you take advantage of your Heavenly Father grace and love for you by obeying God’s plan of salvation, today as we stand and sing.


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