Summary: Time to look at a wardrobe change

Sermon A New Suit of Clothes

I Peter 5:5

I. The Material Specified

a. Its opposite – pride. The chief ingredient in the first sin even committed was PRIDE; a sin most universal present: few free from it; no remedy by God’s Grace.

b. Its counterfeits

i. External humility; a cloak, not a robe – a look – a ceremony

ii. Voluntary humility; like Peter whose contemptible pride refused the washing of his feet

c. Its genuine; This consists in a genuine knowledge of

i. Ourselves; of what we are (Creatures, dependent, sinful) of what we should be

ii. Of God

II. Its Cost

a. On our part

i. A disrobement wherefore lay aside etc I Peter 2:1 Put off all these Col 3:8 (Prodigal – Gadarene)

ii. A dethronement – Sin, self, Satan. We must get out of the way of making self the center – Subjection to one another – to God

b. On Jesus’ part Phil 2:7-8

III. Its purpose

a. For a covering; to cover our unsightliness – nakedness

b. For warmth; some people are always shivering and giving others the shivers for lack of this

c. For service this suit is not for show or parade, but for every day service “By love serve one another

d. For adornment; The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which in the sight of God is of great price I Peter 3:4

IV. Its Advantages

a. It is always becoming

b. It is most popular; having been worn by the best men and women of all ages

c. It is most useful

d. It is most enduring

e. It meets all the requirements of heaven; It is the garment worn by Jesus, Angels and Saints

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