Summary: When Jesus Makes someone new again, he cleanses the heart fully

1 Peter 1:13-25

October 27, 2002

Piggott Christian Church

D.T.: When Jesus Makes someone new again, he cleanses the heart fully.

TITLE: “A New Way of Life”


When someone is injured so badly they have to learn to walk again – They learn a new way of life.

When people come from other countries they have to adjust to our culture and our environment – It’s literally a new way of life.

When you lose a loved one, and your life was completely wrapped up with them, you literally have to figure out a new way of life. Example with my mom – What do we do with our time?

Allow me to baptize this a little. I could hint around at things becoming new again all over, some of my examples aren’t new ways of life they are just different ways. Let’s go deeper this morning and talk about the spiritual things. When Jesus makes someone new again, he cleanses the heart fully. God is in the business of making people new.


I want to invite you to do something this morning. Do you remember when you first accepted Jesus as Savior? I want to invite you to remember the time. Maybe it was at church camp; maybe it was in this room. I want to invite you to remember when and why you gave your life to Jesus.

Turn with me this morning to our text. Over the next few weeks we are going to maybe walk a little in the shoes of Peter. I hope we understand what he was thinking, how God wants us to act both in our families and in the church.

Turn with me to 1 Peter 1:13-25 (read)

Peter tells us several things in this section of scripture. He First tells us about a Life of Holiness.

I. A Life Of Holiness (13-16)

a. After knowledge (that was received in the first part of this chapter.)

i. Peter says, THEREFORE

1. Prepare (The original says “Gird”)

He’s speaking of action – the people of Israel were to eat the first Passover with “your loins girded, you sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and you shall eat it in haste.” (Exod. 12:11) – Peter was using this as a metaphor – telling the church prepare your minds and be self-controlled.

ii. “Set your hope”

1. Understand the source of our hope

2. Move towards the source of our hope

Much like you would if you were in a dark tunnel and you saw light. You would move towards the light. Jesus is our light.

3. Cling to the source of our hope

a. Hope that is found only in Jesus

b. Reminds them of what they were – very common

i. “As obedient Children”

1. The way he desires for them to live

a. They were living in ignorance

b. They were living according to their evil desires

c. They were conforming to the world

Don’t expect non-Christians to act like Christians. The best thing to do is set the best example for them as you possibly can. The problem is more when Christians act like they have no understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus.

2. Peter says,

a. You don’t live in ignorance now

b. You don’t live according to your evil desires

c. You don’t conform to the world.

It’s not that you all of a sudden become full of knowledge when you become a Christian, you don’t rise out of the baptistery full of wisdom and understanding all the mysteries. If anything you understand how much you don’t know. It’s not like all the evil desires suddenly leave. I was asked the other day, if I was tempted. They understood I was a preacher and simply asked, “Are you ever tempted?” I told them no, I am beyond temptation, I just do what I want and ask for forgiveness. OF COURSE I am tempted. It’s not that we won’t be tempted it’s how we handle those temptations. It’s not that this world won’t be pleasing to the eye. It’s how we make the world conform to us. When you are in a group of people who influences you and who do you influence? I can be in the world but make an influence on the world, without conforming.

c. His Calling – His People

i. Unholy People

ii. Sinners

iii. People with Issues

iv. Downtrodden

v. Abused

vi. Lonely

d. His desire

i. Unholy people become holy

ii. Sinners become forgiven

iii. People who have issues are going to see solutions in him

iv. Downtrodden will have their faces lifted

v. Abused will see freedom in Jesus

vi. Lonely will find a friend

He calls people that he can use. He calls people who are willing to give him everything. He calls people that will make a difference in coming generations. God calls us to be Holy. If you have your mind set on grace and are self-controlled and prepared, you will be holy, not because of what you do, but because of what he does through you. This isn’t about what you do…as if you can make yourself holy, this is about what God does through you. He prepares your mind for action, he makes you self controlled, he keeps you from evil desires. Peter tells us, Be holy in all that you do.

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