Summary: The church world seems to have develped a terrible problem of forgetting some very important things. Could we have developed spiritual amnesia?

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Scripture: Exodus 12:42

Title: “A Night To Be Much Remembered”

Introduction: This is the day set aside to “Remember” our Friends & Loved Ones who have died. Some have died in the military and others passed away in a variety of different ways.

 One morning this past week I overheard from the T.V. someone referring to this week end as only a holiday, a time away from work. What happened to “Remembering?”

A Memory is a unique thing. It can bring smiles and pleasant feelings or it can bring guilt and deep depression. We learn to be selective with what we remember. Sometimes we call the past, “the good ole days”, because we remember the pleasant times of our past. We filter out the terrible and difficult times that brings unpleasantness.

 I’m glad I don’t have to pull out a road map every time I start somewhere. I just rely on my “Memory.”

 I’m glad I don’t have to get out a calculator every time I need to do some math. I just rely on my memory.

 I want to deal with “Important Things” that need to be remembered today.

 But before I get to those things I want to deal with a very important problem we have in the Church world of our day.

I. “Spiritual Amnesia” (Luke 24:8) “they remembered His words.”

a. Amnesia is a strange condition that involves a partial or total loss of memory. It may occur as the result of one of the following:

- A blow to the head – psychic trauma – Alzheimer’s –narcotic use – too much alcohol or SURGERY!

b. Sometimes it is temporary and the memory slowly returns.

c. Almost all of us have experienced it to some degree.

d. We forget to pay a bill – We forget to keep an appointment – We forget to keep our commitment – We forget to pick up after ourselves – We forget to take out the garbage – We forget to pick up our wife – Sometimes people forget to take their children home with them after church.

e. Illustration: A postal employee opened and read the mail which come to the Dead Letter Office in Washington, D.C. And was addressed to Santa Claus. In the three months before Christmas, there were thousands of letters asking for something. In the months after Christmas, there was only ONE card that was addressed to Santa Claus to express thanks.

f. Much of the church world seems to have the problem of “Spiritual Amnesia.”

g. People are inclined to forget. – Even the best people. – Even the most committed, the most devout are inclined to forget Jesus Christ the person.

h. The “Passover Experience” was one of the most important previews of the Old Testament provided. – It gave up the preview of “Salvation’s” plan.

i. Have you forgotten WHY you were SAVED?


a. You will notice it didn’t take long until the Israelites had forgotten the great miracles that God had performed in delivering them out of Egypt.

b. When you get into Canaan and take possession of the material blessing that you did not provide (The blessings of the Christian life). “be careful that you do not forget the LORD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” (Deut. 6:12)

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