Summary: The LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

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> Transition Within Slide


- Samuel had to pass Gibeah

+ 1 Sam 15:34 — Map

> Ramah - Samuel’s Home

> Gibeah - Saul’s Home

> Bethlehem - David’s home

+ Samuel’s Blunders


> 1. Would not give it up

- Morning for Saul - v.1

- My first computer recalled

> 2. Hesitant to go

16:1 - God s Mind go

16:2 - Samuel How can I go

- There is no such word “how” in

the vocabulary of faith

> 3. 16: 6-10 His natural choices

A group of High School students were asked recently “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?” Do you know what they said?

Was it I wish “I had better grades?”

Was it I wish “I was healthier?”

Was it I wish “I had more money?”

Was it I wish “I had more athletic ability?”

Was it I wish “I was more popular?”

Was it I wish “I was holier?”

Was it I wish “I was more patient?”

No it was none of the above – 90% responded in this survey with this answer “I would change my physical appearance.” This was the overwhelming response of some of today’s High School students. Pastor Erickson states this about our study, “The girls wanted to be thinner, the boys wanted to be taller, and both wanted to be free of acne”(2).

This obsession with appearance though is not just a teen fad. The Pioneer Press this week noted how diet fads are causing major health problems in the U.S.. People are actually damaging their bodies internally even to the point of death to look better on the exterior surface.

Other reports have observed that today people are spending millions on face lifts, tummy tucks, lipo suction, plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgeries so they appear better looking. You could realistically say that America is obsessed with their exterior appearance at the risk of damaging their internal organs.

Pastor Erickson reiterates the problem, “It is not that people are merely dissatisfied with how they look, many are depressed by their appearance and obsessed with finding a way to change it. Many of us have totally forgotten that it is not the outside, but the inside, the inner character, that really counts”

+ David’s Brothers


- 1 C. 2:13-15

> Eliab - ‘God is father

> Abinadab My father is willing ‘father of generosity’

> Shammah - Astonishment

> Nethanel - Given of God

> Raddai - Trampling

> Ozem - Strong

- Missing brother may have died

without children

- 1 Chron 27:18 - Elihu (could be

variant of Eliab

> David - Beloved (16:11- youngest)

+ David - Beloved


- What made him beloved of God

- What made him beloved of God?

> Lord does not look upon one’s position in life

> Lord does not look upon one’s family history

> Lord does not look upon one’s wealth

> Lord does not look upon one’s appearance

> Lord does not look upon one’s age

> It was his heart

+ Integrity


> Meaning from the Latin

integer; and the meaning of integer is “whole;”(soundness of moral character); and wholeness is our old strong Saxon for holiness.

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