Summary: What happens when you truly seek after the face of God and develop a strong relationship with him? There can only be advantages! ;-)

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“A Part-time Employee For A Full-time Job”

“The Advantages to being closely connected to God.”

Luke 22:54-62

I) Introduction

a) Many of us are in need of a close walk

with God

b) Some of us are following, but not close


c) So we will discuss:

1) Causes of following God from afar

2) The perils of following afar

3) What happens when you seek after

God & follow closely

II) Scripture Background

a) Who is Peter (His spirit of service)

b) This scripture refered to as “The Great


c) What’s happening in the text

III) Causes of following afar

a) The fear of man (Weakness of the Flesh)

1) Many are afraid to be closely

identified with Christ and his

church b/c of fear of persecution

b) Insufficient Love (Weakness in Heart)

1) He was operating in Phileo Love

(the model of Agape came w/ the


2) Often caused by a distant

relationship with God

c) Weakness in Faith (Weakness in Spirit)

1) After Christ’s arrest doubts may

have arised in his authenticity

2) Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith not

to fail; though it didn’t fail, it

may have had a moment

of weakness. (Luke 22:32)

3) Peter doesn’t recall the prophecy nor does he

think of God’s will he can only see his personal


d) Worldliness

1) No man can serve two masters

2) Love of material items can become


3) True worship seeks God’s face in

spite of

e) Misconceptions of Christ’s requirements

1) Many think God only requires a

confession of faith to put us into

his great presence;God requires

zealous service, self denial and

open acknowledgment of your

submission to his Lordship.

2) God requires holiness, (James

2:20) This is the result of

applying your belief to action.

“Be ye holy, for I am holy.”

Holiness is;

· Adhering to God’s word; keeping his

commandments (Mark 12:30-31)

· Dilligently seeking after him (Matthew 6:33)

· Being in constant relation with him (I

Thessolonians 5:17)

IV) The Perils Of Following Afar

a) Leads to a fall in your Christian walk;

1) It lead Peter to deny Jesus

b) Leads to backsliding

1) This is where you are separated

from the goodness of God and you

return to your old ways before

Christ, because you’ve trailed to

far behind

c) Loss of inward peace and joy

1) Though you may be able to follow

God from afar & not fall into open

sin, you can’t go without losing

inner peace & joy;

· You worry about outcomes

· Ends don’t always meet

· Conditions and situations can sway your


2) You can loose your usefulness

· God can’t use you because you can’t hear him

· He can’t use you because you’re weak due to

lack of joy (Neh 8:10)

· He can’t use you because you have no anointing

V) What happens when you seek after God closely

a) He reveals himself to you (Isaiah 6:1-3)

b) The result of him revealing himself to you;

1) God will entrust you with the

awesome tasks of the kingdom (God

sends Isa to minister)

2) Things have to change (in the

presence of God there is action,

progress and change)

(ex. Isa agreed to carry out his charge, and the

angels are flying and carrying out their holy orders to praise and proclaim the word of God.)

3) When there is agreement to do the

will of God, coupled with praise

in his presence, something has

to change / move. (Isaiah 6:4)

The door posts moved)

*** You cannot grow a strong, meaningful and effective relationship with God from a distance.***

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