Summary: 22nd in a series from Acts this sermon examines the acceptance or rejection of the Gospel message with challenging questions of the hearer.

The Spirit, the Church, & the World: A Parting Message

Acts 13:42-52

The Gospel is the Good News about God’s love to us through Jesus.

The Gospel is, by its very nature, divisive.

It is a message that will lead to a parting: accepting or rejecting it.

How does the experience of Paul & Barnabas apply today?

I. Bold Proclamation of the Gospel leads to more opportunities.

1. Far from out-right rejection, they received a further invitation (42).

2. They encouraged the interested in God’s grace (43).

3. Overwhelming interest was the response (44).

• How are you bold, encouraging, & overwhelmed?

II. Jealous Rejection to the Gospel leads to opposition.

1. A positive response for some is negative for others (45).

2. Rejection of God’s message & messengers reveals sinfulness (46).

3. Humanity can persecute, but can not stop the Gospel (50-51).

• When have you been opposed or persecuted?

III. Glorious Acceptance of the Gospel leads to joy.

1. God desires all to know Him (46-47).

2. Joy and glory should fill the real believers (48, 52).

3. The message will spread from real believers (49).

• What about your life shows your acceptance of Jesus?

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