Summary: The early church suffered much for ythe Gospel of Christ


“A Pentecostal Prison Break”

Acts 5:12-28

The first century Christians suffered much for the Gospel of Christ. They were persecuted, humiliated, imprisoned and beaten all because they were faithful to Christ.

Vs. 12 - The revival of signs and wonders continue. All this takes place near the Temple of Solomon’s porch. It was a convenient place to gather together.

* This is the same place that Jesus taught and performed miracles.

Vs. 13 - Many of the people were afraid to join the Apostles. They did not want to be persecuted.

Vs. 14 - It is easy to be drawn to church by the programs, good speeches, size, beautiful facilities and fellowship. The early church grew because of the programs of power of God manifested in their midst.

Vs. 15 - These people were not healed by Peter’s shadow but by the power of God.

Vs. 16 - Three things that make a church grow:

1.) Miraculous healings.

2.) The truth was being preached

3.) Spirit filled men were willing to obey the Lord

Vs. 17 - The Sadducees were jealous because of the Apostles’ fame and

following. Their fame was growing throughout the region and they just

did not understand.

Vs. 18 - The Apostles stood together for the Lord and went to prison together.

* The Lord is the only One that opens the prison doors for the alcoholic,

the drug addict, the prostitute, the homosexual, the thief, the murderer,


Vs. 19-20 - The Apostles needed the fellowship of other believers to continue to

preach the Word of God. Every Christian has the divine

authority to tell others about Christ. The Apostles were not only

commanded to “go “ but to also “stand”. In other words

they were to take a stand. They were also to “speak” - the very thing

they were forbidden to do. This could mean facing the fury of the Council

and death.

Three reasons for the Apostles’ boldness and courage:

1.) They were filled with the Holy Spirit.

2.) They prayed for boldness

3.) They were determined to obey God and not man.

Vs. 21 - The Council now seeks to do them harm. If God sends you, He will

provide and protect you !

Vs. 22 - looks like a jail break!

Vs. 23 - The officers returned to the prison and found the doors locked and

and the keepers standing by the doors. The prisoners were gone.

Locks means absolutely nothing to God!

Vs. 24 - The chief Priests were afraid that word of their escape would get

out to the public.

Vs. 25 - They were told that the men whom they put in prison were back in the

Temple teaching. (Heaven forbid !)

Vs. 26-28 - The Apostles appeared before the Sanhedrin a second time. The Apostles were filling Jerusalem with their preaching and teaching. They also felt that the Apostles were putting them on trial for what happened to Jesus.

* Seven Lessons for Christians:

1.) When God begins to work it stirs up the devil.

2.) We can trust completely in God when we are doing His


3.) There are ministering Angels.

4.) We should obey God and not man.

5.) The Holy Spirit will prompt us what to do and say.

6.) To follow the leading of the Holy Spirit is to know Him.

7.) God always prospers and completes His work.

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