Summary: This is one of the most powerful sermons in the Bible next to Jesus’ sermon on the Mount.


“A Penetrating Pentecostal Sermon”

Acts 7:1-60


This is one of the most powerful sermons recorded in the Bible next to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This is one of the longest chapters found in the book of Acts. The main theme is rebellion and unbelief of Israel. Stephen brings forth a parade of witnesses from the Old Testament to prove his point.


The Glory of God appears unto Abraham - Vs. 1 & 2

Abraham’s Exodus - V. 3

Abraham Moves Into the Promised Land - Vs. 4

Abraham Is Given a Possession and a Promise for His Seed - Vs. 5

Abraham’s Seed in Bondage - Vs. 6

Israel’s Exodus from Egypt - Vs. 7

Abraham’s Covenant - Vs. 8


Joseph Sold into Egypt - Vs. 9

Joseph is Delivered - Vs. 10

Joseph’s Family in Famine - Vs. 11

Joseph Sends for His Family - Vs. 12

Joseph Reveals Himself to His Family - Vs. 13 & 14

Jacob Dies in Egypt - Vs. 15

Jacob is Buried in Shecem - Vs. 16

The Family of Jacob Grows in Egypt - Vs. 17

Another King Reigns in Egypt That Did Not Know Joseph - Vs. 18

Egypt Oppresses the Children of Israel - Vs. 19


The Birth of Moses - Vs. 20

Pharaoh’s Daughter Raises Moses - Vs. 21

Moses is Taught the Way of Egypt - Vs. 22

Moses at Age Forty Decides to Check on His Brethren - Vs. 23

Moses Kills an Egyptian - Vs. 24

Moses’ Brethren Misunderstands His Intentions - Vs. 25

Moses Intervenes in an Argument Between Two of His Brethren - Vs. 26

The Men Question Moses’ Authority - Vs. 27

They Thought that Moses Might Want to Kill Them - Vs. 28

Moses Flees to Median - Vs. 29

An Angel Appears to Moses in the Burning Bush - Vs. 30

Moses Hears the Voice of the Lord - Vs. 31

The Voice Identifies Himself - Vs. 32

Moses is Commanded to Take Off His Sandals - Vs. 33

The Lord Sends Moses Back to Egypt to Free His People - Vs. 34

Moses Will Now Become the Leader and Deliverer of Israel - Vs. 35

Moses Leads Israel Out of Egypt - Vs. 36

Moses Prophesies of Another Deliverer to Come - Vs. 37

Moses Passes on God’s Message to the People - Vs. 38

Israel Refuses to Obey Moses and Rejects Him - Vs. 39

Israel Tells Aaron to Make a god for them - Vs. 40

The god Was to Become an Idol in the Form of a Calf - Vs. 41

The People Turn to Worship Stars and Planets - Vs. 42-43

Moses Makes the Tabernacle After the Pattern God Gives Him - Vs. 44

Israel Brought the Tabernacle Into the New Land and It was There up Until

theTime of David - Vs. 45

David Enjoys the Favor of God and Asks Permission to Build a Dwelling

Place for God. Vs. 46

However, It was Solomon who Built the Dwelling Place - Vs. 47

Stephen says, “God Does Not Live in a Dwelling Place” - Vs. 48

The Universe Belongs to God and He Dwells Everywhere - Vs. 49

God Made All Things - Vs. 50


Stephen uses the Harshest Terms to Describe Their Spiritual Condition-Vs.51

Prophets Were Killed and Persecuted by You - Vs. 52

You Had the Law But you Did Not Obey It - You Are Not Guiltless - Vs. 53


The Crowd Becomes Angry at Stephen - Vs. 54

Stephen Sees the Glory of the Lord and the Heavens Opened - Vs.55, 56

They Drag Stephen into the Street and Stone Him - Vs. 57, 58

Stephen Prays and Forgives Them for What They do and Falls Asleep -

Vs. 59 & 60 - (Luke 23:24)

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Joseph Maru

commented on Nov 4, 2006

This is a inspirational Sermon and it has enriched my life and ministry

Joseph Maru

commented on Nov 4, 2006

I am blessed by this sermon and I trust it will strengthen our faith to stand firm anf be strong as we progress on in our journey of faith

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