Summary: Here is a "photograph" of what an intimate relationship with Jesus looks life in the life of an individual. John describes this special moment in his life with Jesus in such a way that it gives us a true image of Jesus relating intimately with a man.

TITLE: How to Develop an Intimate Relationship with Jesus

TEXT: John 13:18-30

Introduction: Think about your favorite snapshots. Think about what meaningful moments they capture for you and why they are powerful. Here is s snapshot of Jesus that is one of the most powerful in scripture. It is a picture of an intimate relationship with Jesus. “Now there was leaning on the bosom of Jesus one of His disciples, who Jesus loved.”

Meaning: Jesus loves you deeply and desires intimacy with YOU!

SETTING: Jesus is meeting in a special and intimate moment with His apostles. It was also a significant moment. It is deeply significant because He announces in to them in this intimate setting that He knows that one of them is about to betray Him. They are astounded and shocked, as you can imagine.

In this moment, you get a powerful snapshot of what an intimate relationship with Jesus looks like in real life. They all want to know who it is and how to find out this incredible piece of information and what it means. Lots of them simply act perplexed. Peter asks John. John asks Jesus. It is John who has the intimacy with Jesus as is shown by how he functions in this incredible setting. Look at this biblical photograph of John leaning against the bossom of Jesus and learn who to develop this same type of relationship.

Three key words:





Jesus accepts and embraces intimacy with you. We must learn to trust that Jesus loves us and desires this kind of intimacy with us.


Choose to draw close to Him.

Open yourself vulnerably to Him.

Depend on Him – faith.


He asked Jesus.

He listened to Jesus.

He believed and accepted Jesus’ answer.


Let’s compare the other in the photograph with John.

What about Peter? Note: He asked John, not Jesus. This is a picture of too many believers in today’s world, they walk with FOLKS who walk with Jesus instead of walking with Him themselves.

What about Judas? Note: He betrayed Jesus and walked out on Jesus. He also missed the opportunity that Jesus gave him to repent and follow Jesus.

What about you? Note: transition to invitation

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Marianna Geoffrey

commented on Jul 4, 2022

I love listening to sermon on relationship with jesus, Pastor Keion is such a good speaker. He taught me how to find my faith and apply it to my daily life. I hope more people see him and listen to his sermons.

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