Summary: Every vision and good dream must be tested. Prison experience is a challenge of destiny. The way you pass it may make or mar you.

We are still in the story of Joseph and his journey of life. His ways showed that greatness is born of sorrow. Every vision and good dream must be tested. Prison experience is a challenge of destiny. The way you pass it may make or mar you.

What is a prison experience?

a. It is a place where potentials lie dormant.

b. It is a place of frustration.

c. It is a place of hopelessness and helplessness.

d. It is a place where total freedom are restricted.

e. It is a place where destiny are confined.

f. It is a place of punishment.

g. It is a place of denied rights and privileges.

h. It is a place of much stress about the unknown.

1. A place of limitation.

j. A place of affliction.

Some issues about Prison.

a. Juveniles in some places share this experience.

The offenders in some places are ones who suffer from broken families, lack of educational opportunities, and violence in their communities.

b. For women

The dangers were rape cases and sexual violence. Some suffer from stress disorder. There is a threat of chronic diseases. (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, HIV)

A times,there are cases of unwanted pregnancy


a. Joseph - Genesis 39:20

b. Samson - Judges 16:21

c. Micah the prophet - 1 Kings 22:26-27

d. Jeremiah 37:15

e. John the Baptist - Matthew 4:12

f. The Apostles - Acts 5:18

g. Peter - Acts 12:4

h. Paul & Silas - Acts 16:24

Joseph found himself in the prison for the sins he never committed. God favored him still and greater responsibility was assigned to him.


1. Life of personal mistake- Samson

2. Standing for the truth - Micah, John the Baptist

3. For Gospel sake - Paul & Silas

4. Being favored - vs 2-3

5. Deposits & Potentials ( Joseph was handsome)

6. Minding your business vs 11,19-20


a. God can deliver those appointed to die –(Psalms 79:11; Psalms 102:20)

b. God has the power to loose the prisoners – (Psalms 146:7)

c. The devil never allow his prisoners to go- (Isaiah 14:17)

d. This is the mission of Christ – (Isaiah 42:7, Isaiah 61:1)

e. The power of God through prayer can penetrate the dark wall of prison (Act 12:5)

The worst prison is 'spiritual prison'

Some are into it because of

i. Life of fear

ii. Depression

iii. Addictions (drunkenness, pornography, smoking)

iv. Sin of immorality

v. Greed and Lust.

vi. Anger & Envy

Jesus came to set the captives free - John 10;10; 1 John 3:8

Believe Him today if you've not done so and be free forever!

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