Summary: You are special to God and God has prepared a special place for you. He is ready to guide you there is you listen and obey him.

TEXT: Exodus 23:20

"See, I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you."


You are a peculiar treasure to God. He has made special plans for you - good plans to give you a future and hope (Jer 29:11). There is a place God has prepared for you and has delegated his angel not only to protect you as you journey to that place but also lead you successfully there. The plan of God for you life will not be truncated in Jesus name.


It is a place of glory and honour; where shame and reproach are banished (Ps 8:5). It is a place where you have a throne of glory (1 Sam 2:8). A place where tears of sorrow and voice of crying cease and joy bubbles continually (Ps 30:5). It is a place of rest from troubles and tribulations; a place where God's provision is assured (Ps 23:5). A place where the goodness, grace, mercy, favour and peace of God flows endlessly (Ps 23:6). A place flowing with milk and honey (Ex 3:8). It a place prepared for you. You will get there in Jesus name.


In your journey of life there will be obstacles, hindrances, delays, troubles and a few tears here and there but be rest assured; God has made special arrangements for you. He says he will never leave nor forsake you (Heb 13:5).

The land of Israel was dry with famine, but God prepared a special place for Elijah with arrangement for his supplies. He was led to a widow whom God had prepared to minster to his needs (1 Kg 17:5-6, 9). God made special arrangements for Joseph, David, Paul, Peter and several others that obeyed and followed his instructions. The special arrangement God has made for you will not fail in Jesus name.


You are on a journey to fulfil your purpose on earth. You are also on a journey to heaven. To get there, you need to follow instructions and be obedient to God (Ex 23:21). Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and the Holy Spirit is your guide in this dispensation. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for you and has given you the Spirit to guide you there. Listen to the Holy Spirit and you will fulfil your purpose on earth and make it to heaven.


Father, grant me grace to listen and be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Lord, help me to fulfil my purpose here on earth and secure my place in heaven in Jesus name.

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