Summary: Note that at the time that these trumpets of Jubille began to sound that the walls were still standing. The shouts that went up were – A Post Dated Praise - this was a praise Him in advance attitude.



I am excited for my parents as they have entered the final stage of moving into their new home. They have picked out the flooring and lighting fixtures. The storm shelter I believe is now in place. There have been some bumps along the way, but that is normal. I remember hearing Dad say early on in the process that he had given an initial check to the builder and was told that they would hold the check for a few weeks until everything had been approved and ready for closing. Well, two days later the check had been cashed.

Have you ever paid on a bill or given a check that was post dated? That basically means that you write a check and date it for some time in the future and it is supposed to be understood that the check is not cashed until that particular date. The problem with that is the laws of our land stipulate that the bank does not have to honor the date that is established on the check. The bank can cash the check on the date that it is presented, even if prior to date written on check.

In essence, a Post Dated Check implies that you have an assurance that on a future date you can take the check to the bank and it will be honored.

• You have an assurance in your hand for a future date

• You can cash that check on the established date

• I may not have the money now, but I will have it then

• On a future, agreed upon date, the deal is closed

We find there are times in our lives where money may be short. We need to get some things done, but our Money is short. We need to pay some bills but more month than money. We find ourselves facing hurdles and circumstances that have caused our finances to be short, but we still need to take care of business. We find there are some burdens of life that we are trying to bare, that bring us to the point where we write a Posted Dated Check.

As we consider our text this morning we find the Israelites in the same position we find or have found ourselves at some point in our life. There they are standing, on the edge of the promise land.

• Finally, after their years of bondage

• Finally after facing the Red Sea

• Finally after wondering in the wilderness for 40 years and after losing their dynamic leader, Moses

Generations after the promise had been spoken to ABRAHAM – ISAAC - JACOB. After their period of Trial – Tribulation - Travail - Now they are standing with the promise land in their vision.

• But there is a catch here

• A bit of a snag in the process

• You see even though they have caught a glimpse of the Promised Land

• In spite of the fact that their place of victory is just around the bend

• They still can’t touch it yet

We all know what the Israelites were faced with. We have faced the same issues in our lives as some point or another. THE ISSUE OF A WALL.

• A wall that is separating them from the fulfillment of the promise

• A wall that is hindering them from moving from where they are right now and the place that God has called them to be

• We know what God has promised us - but there is a Wall in Front of us

• We know that there are Blessings for us - but right now there is a Wall

• We can literally see our Blessing - but it is behind the Wall

• We know that God promised our Children would be blessed but there is a Wall

• We know God said our marriage would improve but, A Wall

Joshua and the children of Israel were on a conquest to gain the Promised Land. A land promised to them and in order for them to get there they had to overcome and conquer the obstacles in their way. I wonder saints, how many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation, at every turn we find more obstacles.

• We recognize that God has spoken his promises over us but yet we find ourselves faced with obstacles

• We find ourselves facing something

• A gap that needs to be bridged

• Some growth that needs to take place

• A stronghold that needs to be broken

• A wall that needs to be removed that keeps us from receiving the God ordained place of victory on the other side

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