3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Now, more than ever, we need the intervention of God in our nation.


Habakkuk 1:2-4

Habakkuk is a short book, only 3 chapters long. It has only one focus but oh what a focus that is!

Habakkuk was frustrated in ministry. He was doing his very best to reach the people around him with the truth. He was attempting to get them to turn things around spiritually.

They had left the faith of their fathers. They were involved in idolatry. They were deceitful and crooked in their political dealings. The wicked were prospering and Habakkuk wanted to know why.

Do you ever feel like Habakkuk?

I. HIS WORK IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO SEE. Vs. 5---Behold ye among the heathen (nations)

A) God is challenging Habakkuk to open his eyes and look about him, to get a world view of what He is doing. One great crisis after another has taken place. The great Assyrian Empire in the north has been conquered, and Nineveh, its capital, has been destroyed. On the banks of the Euphrates River, a kingdom is arising which already has won a victory over Egypt at Carchemish. Nebuchadnezzar is the victor, and he is bringing Babylon to the fore as a world power. God is saying to Habakkuk, “Behold ye among the nations—you think I’m not doing anything?

B) God is not sitting on the 50 yard line of Heaven just twiddling his thumbs. He was very much involved in Habakkuk’s day and He is very much involved in our day.

C) We are seeing thousands upon thousands come to Christ around the world through the BMA alone.

He is active in hearing and answering our prayers on a daily basis.

He is at work in First Baptist Church.

One of the mistakes in marriage that I have learned from is when Lynn was little, I would come home and she had destroyed the living room. Kim had been cleaning and working all day although it was not very evident by the looks of the room when I got home. I asked the question with the 7 most deadly words a husband could ask. “What have you been doing all day?”


A) We want God to be involved but we are not willing many times to say “What ever you need to do"

B) I know that sometimes we cannot see it in this life but God’s way is the best way. We pray for our family to be saved but we put conditions on God as to how that should come about.

C) There are times in our life when we can’t understand why God would allow or cause certain things around us. The gold standard of faith is for us during those times to take His hand and say 2:1


A) Don’t misunderstand….This doesn’t mean He is always going to do what we want when we want it and the way we want it. That has been covered already.

B) But notice this verse..Notice Habakkuk’s prayer.

1) A prayer of openness…I heard you and that is really scary.

2) A prayer for revival…Revive your work—Do the kind of work we have heard about--Past

3) A prayer for revelation….Reveal the will of your work to us---Future

4) A prayer for mercy…Even in your wrath and judgment…please show us mercy.

Do we really want to see God work in our world, nation, church, homes? Are we willing to step out on faith and say Lord I will be faithful no matter what? Are we willing to seek His direction? Are we willing to place the “How” in his hands?

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