Summary: Study of the book of Isaiah, Chapter 7. If thinking about a coming Savior raises the hopes of a people, who were focused on the circumstances they were in rather than trusting God; how can we take encouragement from this because we already HAVE a Savior?

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A Promise from God

Isaiah 7:1-25


- Lots to cover tonight – prayerfully we will get through it all with God’s help

- On Sunday we saw God’s commissioning to Isaiah and how he responded

- We discussed the importance of responding in the same manner; without fail

- Because God is our protector, we must be willing to trust Him always

- Tonight, we’ll see just how easily it is to fail in this – and see how God provides

- Read Isaiah 7:1-25 / Pray

Point 1 – It’s easy to give up (v1-9)

- The Jews, hearing that all was now lost decided to just give up; lacked faith

- Their lacking in faith is why Isaiah is being sent to them – to remind them of it

- How many today have had a crisis of faith? Or continue to have them now?

- Ahaz, out of his own fear, referred to these “attackers” as princes; as idols

- Perhaps he would have even bowed down before them to save his own skin?

- In the most simplest terms, he was about to practice idolatry … false worship

-- They were almost practicing adultary because it was practice of being unfaithful

-- They had been faithful to God, and then the circumstances changed so Ahaz looked to worship something else (Ahaz assumed a defeatist attitude)

- His lack of faith as a leader, caused a stir to which Isaiah had to correct him

- Isaiah says plainly these are burnt out stubs of wood; expelled; spent

- Ahaz is determined to surrender right them; because his trust in God is gone

- Because the Jews heard a rumor, they decided to give up everything for lost

- APP: We must be careful not to do the same thing (expound …)

- We cannot give up because the times get tough; nor can we surrender out of fear

- Remember the story of Jesus calming the storm? Go to Matthew 8:23-27; Read

-- First: We see Jesus is asleep – he is at peace, he is calm, he could be tired

-- Second: The disciples turn to Jesus out of fear; without confidence

-- Third: Jesus not only calms the storm; but rebukes their lack of faith

- Why? Because we are to live solely in the peace of God through all things

- To do otherwise is detestable to God and something we must avoid

- Isaiah is assuring these people to stand fast, hold onto the promise of God

- When the winds blow and the threats come, our FAITH is what holds us firm

- TRANS: I believe sometimes, God needs to be direct so that we will get it

Point 2 – God gives us a sign (v10-16)

- Ahaz and his court have a serious problem here … they are pretending to honor God but everything about their actions is the opposite

- These people did not trust God to provide, and this grieves the Lord

- Their distrust of God is no different than us trying to get into the driver’s seat

- Their distrust of God is no different than our attempts to control situations

- v9: “If you do not stand firm in your faith; you will not stand at all”

- Is our faith strengthened every day? It should be. Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

- APP: If you live your live on sinking sand you will eventually be consumed

- If you hear the Word of God and do not let it in; you’ll never strengthen yourself

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