Summary: This message was 'inspired' by Michael Catt's message "The Snare of Success" calling us to check ourselves about being ready for God to work in us.

Proper checkup

2 Chronicles 26

* Were I to ask, “How many here desire to leave a lasting impact, a legacy-if you will, of making an eternal difference in your family, friends, and the like,” I believe that more than 90% of us would say, “I do.”

* Interestingly enough, God’s desire for all His children is that each one fulfill their mission and calling in this life and accomplish this very thing.

* So if we really want to and God really wants us to do this, where is the breakdown?

* Recently I heard Bro. Michael Catt say in a message, "When we put our fingerprint on something, God takes His hand off of it."

* I wonder if this is the reason so many believers walk in spiritual defeat & that so many churches have so little spiritual power & influence. Could this be the reason that over 1000 churches each year call it quits each year?

* Could it be why young people by the dozens leave the church when they leave home?

* Could it be why 50% of Bible College & Seminary graduates leave ministry in their first 5 years of vocational ministry?

* Could it be that we have got so caught up in putting our fingerprint on, developing our version around, and employing our beaurocacy in the church that Jehovah God has taken His hand off?

* Seems to me that the principles of scripture are pretty clear; ‘Whenever man takes over, God takes off.’

* Personally, I have long been ready for God to take over. But if this is going to happen, it is going to be a spiritual journey. Any time we take a trip, we check up on some things (I.E., oil, filter)

* Turn to 2 Chronicles 26:1-6. We will look at the entire chapter.

* Don’t you like the sound of the statement, “God gave him success?” It has a ring which we all love to hear. Wouldn’t you like to hear that God gave YOU or your church success?

* I submit to us this morning that one of the reasons that the church in America is in the distress she is in is because of her past success and her beginning to believe her own press.

* Asked about why D. L. Moody was so great, F. B. Myers said, “He hadn’t heard about himself.” Consider Uzziah today.

1. The Reason for his success – Let me say from the outset that the success of the church is NOT measured by the number of congregants or the size of the offering; it is measured in divine currency. That is, by the souls of men who are saved. The Bible tells us that Uzziah was successful. Why is this?

a. He was selected by God – When Amaziah died, God put it into the heart of the people to make Uzziah King. He was divinely selected to have the responsibility of leading the nation. By the way, he was selected when he was but 16, this should remind us of several things. First, God desires to use the younger generation. Next, our focus should be looking forward instead of backward.

b. He was a servant of God – Through Godly counsel, Uzziah immediately began to rebuild the country of Judah because he knew this was God’s plan for him. We never get to old for godly counselor. In fact, I am convinced that the reason many people get put on the shelf and never reach their goal in the Lord is because they get too old to receive counsel. A servant of God always has counselors & makes sure they are godly ones. We are told his are; his mom & Zechariah.

c. He was a seeker of God – The text tells us 2 times that he sought God. Life is different when you desire to know what God thinks about your every decision. That said, the secret is ‘godly counselors.’ When you ask your counselor, do they give you their thoughts or do they turn you toward HIM? Never forget this qualifier, “As long as he sought the Lord”.

* I submit to you that in long years past, people who made us the church ‘sought the Lord.’ Candidly, they did this during the depression & the war-time because outside of God’s touch, they had no assurance of anything. God gave success.

2. The Reach of his success – (Vs 6-15) Think about this; God does very few things in a small way. Perhaps the last small thing which turned out to be a huge thing was the cradle. In the life of Uzziah, God gave success upon success.

a. His Enemies were defeated – Read about his enemies and see that they all fell at his feet. The Philistines, the wall of Gath, the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod all fell in defeat. Even the Ammonites paid him MONEY. If with your mind’s eye you can see, this has been the Church in USA for years.

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