Summary: Even when Jesus was denied in His own hometown, the mission of the Christian today is the same! Jesus commanded the disciples to GO and teach what they knew, and to show others that the choices they make today have consequences.

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A Prophet with no Honor

Mark 6:1-13


- Jesus is demonstrated in this book as a “servant”

-- Key verse: Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

- This is probably one of those most straight forward messages in Mark

-- It says what it says, and it means what it means … its teaching history for us

- Read Mark 6:1-13

∆ Point 1 – Prophet with no Honor (1-6)

- As we know, Nazareth is where Jesus is from and prob spent most of life there

-- During his travels, he now has opportunity to go back home

-- Because He is with the disciples, He now comes as teacher (rabbi)

-- His arrival is one of “bringing new info”, not “coming home to see family”

- What we see in v3 is the real response that most people have to Jesus

-- They took offense to his teaching, calling Him out for His “inadequacy”

-- Unlearned, a carpenter’s son, the kid we knew from down the road …

-- What this brings out in people is an opportunity to mock Jesus

- The mocking is because he is merely a tradesman, a carpenter or wood-worker

-- He was not a scholar, not an educated man

-- Probably built a table/chair set for some of them and they knew it

- APP: Sometimes, knowing how people grew up causes us to judge them

-- What we miss is the opportunity to see what God can do in people

-- We cast judgment because we “know them”, and totally miss God

-- This happens more than you can imagine, I am certain of it …

- They called Jesus “Mary’s son”, which prob. means Joseph has died by now

-- They are also taking a pot shot at Him abandoning His family’s needs

-- As the oldest, Jesus would’ve inherited the business; been responsible for Mary

- In v4, He reminds the disciples of a well-known proverb of the day

-- He is not going to get any respect here, no matter what He does

- Jesus has presented them with many reasons to believe who He is

-- But, they choose to resent Him and call Him out as someone incapable of this

-- Perhaps they even took a shot at His being “illegitimate” by birth

-- APP: When mockery comes, what Jesus shows us is to move on from it

- Jesus’ miracles and acts pointed to Who He is … Not His skillset of the day

-- This is what people missed; this is what they refused to see

-- Therefore, even doing a few miracles wouldn’t change their heart condition

- The word used in v6 for amazed is “thaumazo”

-- Jesus contemplates their hearts, and wonders about their faith in God

-- APP: It is almost distressing to see this kind of unbelief

- TRANS: Therefore, He does what any of us could/should do … moves on!

-- This is NOT, however, a chance for us to just turn on and desert people

-- Jesus’ teaching here that there is more who need to hear, through our witness

∆ Point 2 – Sending out Teams (7-13)

- In Mark 3:14, we see the reason apostles were called: “He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach.”

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