Summary: Jessu continues asking questions of his disciples, this one deals with serving, the open illustration is a great tension building activity

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This morning we are going to start our message off a little differently then normal. Since we are talking about servanthood, I thought it would be appropriate to wash one another¡¦s feet. In just a few moments men and women will be coming in with towels and basins, we will start from the outside rows and work our way in toward the center.

Now before we start let me say two things

1. We are not going to wash one another¡¦s feet

2. Were you nervous when I said we were going to wash our feet

If so you know exactly how the disciples felt the night of the PASSOVER In the ancient culture the most demeaning of task was to wash the guest¡¦s feet. This was job done by lowest slaves.

It was necessary because people either walked barefoot or wore sandals. They walked along roads that we not only dusty but also cluttered with camel and donkey dung. Thus it was a common courtesy for the host to have his slave wash the guest¡¦s feet as they entered the house.

Jesus had sent Peter & John to prepare for their meal together. The food had been cooked. The table had been set. I¡¦m sure the other disciples thought this matter of foot washing would be taken care of as well, but it wasn¡¦t!

As Jesus and the disciples enter the room they see towel & water basin in the corner. But no slave is present to wash their feet. Perhaps some of them pause as they enter the room, wondering why Peter and John had not taken care of this important detail.

As they recline at the table, each disciple feels a little uncomfortable.

„_ ¡§Somebody ought to at least wash Jesus¡¦ feet. But if I do that, where will that put me on the social pecking order?

I would be at the Bottom of the heap. If I volunteer I¡¦ll get stuck with that job from now on. Maybe if I just wait¡Xsomebody else will do it.

„_ I think maybe each disciple was hoping one of others would volunteer. Each one may have begun to JUSTIFY in own mind why it was not his job to do it.

„_ ¡§I did it last time¡Xits Matthew¡¦s turn¡Xhe hasn¡¦t done it in long time.¡¨

„_ ¡§Peter and John were supposed to take care of all this, Jesus told them to make all the arrangements. What part of ¡§ALL¡¨ did they not understand?¡¨

„_ Thomas thought, ¡§I doubt any of these guys will wash feet, I know I am not going to pick up that basin¡¨

„_ ¡§I came to enjoy a time with the Lord¡Xand now we¡¦ve got this problem¡¨

„_ John is thinking¡X¡§Look I¡¦m over here leaning next to Jesus, I¡¦m in spiritual intimacy. Jesus doesn¡¦t want me to leave Him and help you.¡¨

„_ Peter is thinking¡X¡§Don¡¦t these turkeys know the call of God on my life? Don¡¦t they see the leadership gifts in me? I just wish they would remember that I¡¦m the one who answered Jesus¡¦ Question: Who do you say that I am?¡¨ I got the revelation¡X¡¥You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.¡¦ Don¡¦t they remember the prophecy Jesus gave me on that occasion? I wish these people would pay attention to what God¡¦s doing in me. If they had, they would be over here right now washing my feet as well as Jesus¡¦ feet.¡¨

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