Summary: Do we let fear and our own "realities" get in the way of God’s desire for our obedience and faith?

A Reasonable Rebellion

Deuteronomy 1:19-2:14, Numbers 13 & 14

1. God said, “Go!” His People said, “No.” Deuteronomy 1:19-28

2. His People have their Reasons—a Human View of Reality.

Numbers 13:26-14:4

• The Real Realities: the facts; it is the truth (v28).

• The Apparent Realities: believed to be the truth (v31).

• The Exaggerated Realities: a falsehood; it is not truth (v32).

• The Perceived Realities: accepted as the truth (v33).

• The Imagined Realities: without God it might be the truth (14:3).

3. God has His Reasons—the Sovereign View of Reality.

Deuteronomy 1:20-33

• The Promised Reality: God had given them the land (v20-25).

• The Expectant Reality: God desires faith, not fear (vv26- 29).

• The Working Reality: God will accomplish His will (v30).

• The Fatherly Reality: God loves His children (v31).

• The Powerful Reality: God can do anything (vv32-33).

4. His People said, “Go!” God said, “No.” Deuteronomy 1:41-45

5. Final Realities about Rebellion.

• “Reasonable” Rebellion leads to a Sovereign Judgment.

(Deuteronomy 2:14-15)

• Don’t be deceived, God may bless you & you may lack nothing—even in judgment. (Deuteronomy 2:7)

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