Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The downward spiral of American families minus discipline and Biblical correctness, which is our only hope as a repairer of the breach.

2-3-08 A Repairer of the Breach

Isiah 58:12 "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shall raise up the

foundations of many generations; and you shall be called, The repairer of the breach, The

restorer of paths to dwell in".

My grandson got my attention this past weekend

- he wants to change schools

- he is alarmed about the High School he atttends in his city

- his old main line friends are slowly changing

- the toughest "straight kids" are now coerced into drugs

He feels very alone, fighting to stay drug free.

In a normal God fearing respectable home

- there are a few things that must stay in tact to remain that way

1. Strict prayer life

2. Commited to the church and to God

2. Faithful in integrity

4. Faithful in moral conduct

5. Faithful in reading Gods word

The faather must be the head of the house

- that includes in Godly matters

- the husband is priest of his home

It is his responsibility to be sure a family alter is provided

- He sets the spiritual tone of his house

When the father figure is missing

- the stage is set for a major disruption

- hopefully mom has a stong character

- strong enough to fill in the gap

I heard the story recently

- a rebellious daughter got her cell phone aken away

- even thrown into the fire

- and some other severe consecequences (like a thrashing)

A friend "Mr. Sanders" who spanked his college going daughter

- for confronting her mother

- he spanked her, like a little girl

- she jumped to her feet

- she said "dad you cain’t do that I am grown up"

- Mr Sanders said, sissy, as long as you are under my roof and I am Priest of my home

- you bad mouth your mother

- and you will pay this same price

Needless to say: Mr Sanderes raised an awesome family

- a son and two daughters who were the best mannered of children

- always a pleasure to be around.

We are to be known as a "repairer of the breach"

- that is like flood gates

- Its like the Hoover Dam (holds back flood waters)

- that is like our own Lake Cumberland

- the wall of our dam has weakened

- estimates of as long as 7 years to repair


(1) both parents working

(2) Lack of paental suervision

(3) fear of the system

(4) spank and go to jail

(5) Parents too grumpy

(6) little to no fun time with kids

(7) little to no Bible instruction

(8) un Christ- like examples in the church

(9) open shame is being removed from the home (era of no shame)

Divorce is on the rampage

- commitments are failing

People threw it up to Jesus saying: Moses allowed divorce and remarriage

- Jeuus said:" Moses allowed it because of the hardness of Israels hearts"

- "But form the beginning it was not so"

Marriagae is a life time commitment

- "what God has joined together let no man put assunder"

- "we become one flesh"

Jesus said: "why do you call me Lord Lord and do not what I say?"

Fornicators and adulters aren’t going anywhere

- they cannot go to heaven

- "all fornicators, adulters, and all liars cannot enter into the kingdom of God".

Yet the local churchs have couples living together

- and claiming all of the spiritual gifts moral people have

Many will say "have not we cast out devils in thy name?"

- Jesus will say "depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I know you not".

Jesus said "ye whall know them by the fruit they bear".

"There is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end there of is death".

You cannot say that people who have been divorced and remarried are going to hell

- if it is not repented of they are

- if sin isn’t brought to a halt somebody is going to hell.

People do this real often in sin (like the woman at the well)

- we must learn to expect sin from the unsaved.

But once you put on the Lord Jesus christ (sin needs to stop)

There is no excuse under heaven for a saved couple to justify a divorce

- sometimes one walks away without giving you a choice

- you can put a spouse away for reasons of adultry

- but no where does the word say

- just run out and get married again

Now if you "loose a spouse in death"

- the word is very clear "you are free to marry again"

- "only in the Lord"

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