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Summary: God will bring our lives back to perfection!

With the coming of Labor Day, the traditional end of summer has come, and with the end of summer has come the end of summer travel to a variety of locations. Some have traveled overseas to visit places that others of us have only read about. Others of us have traveled to new places either close by or far away or returned to places that we have visited before.

Where/what are the best places to visit on vacation? It’s a question that generates a lot of opinion. At the Discovery Channel website, they have a section under the “Travel Channel” that lists “The best of” vacation spots in several different categories. Now, I am going to give you three choices in three categories and then have you tell me what you think the top choice is in each category, according to those surveyed for the particular list, okay? Here we go!

First, which of these three sites was voted the top “Sacred Spot?” (Overhead 1) Was it the Parthenon of ancient Greece or Stonehenge of ancient England or the Tomb of Christ in Israel? (How many say…)

The top sacred spot, according to the survey, is Stonehenge. Interestingly, and unfortunately, none of the top 10 spots listed have anything to do with the Christian faith. The Parthenon is listed at number 3 and there is one American spot listed in the top ten. It is the Cahokia Mounds located in the St. Louis area.

Next, is the creepiest spot to visit. (Overhead 2) The three choices are: Alcatraz Island, Lizzie Borden’s Bed and Breakfast, or Charles Manson’s jail cell. (How many say…)

The creepiest spot, according to those surveyed, is Lizzie Borden’s B and B. You can actually stay in the home where her parents were brutally murdered. (Now I like some peace and quiet on vacation, but not at some place like that!)

Finally, what is the most expensive shopping avenue in the world? (Overhead 3) Is it Michigan Avenue in Chicago (aka “The Magnificent Mile”)? How about Fifth Avenue in New York? Or is it the Avenue Montaigne and Champs Elysee in Paris? (How many say…?)

It is the Avenue Montaigne and Champs Elysee in Paris. (If you cannot pronounce it, you probably can’t afford it, right? Do you realize that we have been around the world this morning and haven’t even left Kendallville? That’s pretty exciting!)

Now some of you may be asking, “What’s this all about? Why are we talking about faraway places, creepy places, and expensive places?” Because one day there will only be one of two places for us to exist and both will make these locations pale in comparison.

Today we conclude our summer series, Classic Chapters of the Bible with a look at the next to last chapter of the Bible – Revelation 21. (Overhead 4) Our journey began with Genesis 1 and continued through a stop at Exodus 20 and the Ten Commandments. Then we concluded our time in the Old Testament with a look at Psalm 23. Then we turned to the New Testament (Overhead 5) and stopped at John 3, then I Corinthians 13, and then onto Hebrews 11. Each of these chapters are important to us for the reasons listed on the overheads. Our final stop today is a chapter that gives us a brilliant snapshot of what is yet to be!

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