Summary: This sermon finishes Chapter 1 of Revelation.

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A Revealing Part 2

Revelation 1:10-20

We continue our examination of the book of Revelation.

We are concerned about what's happening in our country.

There seems to be a growing persecution of the Christian faith.

I believe it's going to get even worse.

I also believe it's a sign of the second coming of Jesus.

Therefore, it's important for Christians

to know what Revelation says.

It's important for us to know what's going to happen.

It will give us encouragement as we face difficult times

and it will help us witness to people who don't know Jesus.

Last week, we found John as a prisoner on Patmos Island.

He was sent there by Roman Emperor Domitian

because he refused to worship Domitian.

One day, Jesus suddenly appears to John

Giving him an important message.

We begin today by taking up where we left off last Sunday.

Look at Verse 10.

I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet,

It came as a surprise to John,

but he was in a position to hear that voice.

John says, "I was in the Spirit.

That's a good place to be isn't it?

In the Spirit, in a place like Patmos?

You see, it's not the condition of the environment around us

that determines that.

It's the condition of our hearts, isn't it?

How do you think John got in the spirit on that particular day?

I don't think it happened as a result of him

thinking about how bad the circumstances were.

I don't think it happened

by him pleading with God to get him out of there.

I think John was concentrating on the goodness of God

and the promises of God.

I think he was rejoicing that his name is written in heaven.

I think John found a way to get happy in God

right there in a very miserable place on earth.

So Jesus started to talk to John.

It was loud and awesome.

It sounded like a trumpet blast.

I suspect no one else heard it

because their spiritual ears were in no condition to hear it.

When God is speaking can you hear His voice?

You can if your ear is tuned toward heaven.

But if the world has your attention,

even a heavenly trumpet blast will not get your attention.

"He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

O.K. Back to our text for today!

Verse 12 Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands,

Look again at the first 3 words.

This was an important response by John.

He says, "Then I turned."

Have you turned at the voice of Jesus in your life?

Has He spoken and your response was to turn?

Did you turn from all distractions and ambitions toward Him?

Did you turn from the direction you were intending to go

to the direction where He is?

If John never turned, he would have never seen.

It's interesting that the voice and vision were behind John

and not in front of him.

God knew which direction John was facing.

Why not make it easy on John?

Why not just get right John's face and speak?

Has God's voice ever come from behind you?

Are you insisting that it be on your terms

or will you turn and do it on His terms?

I'm glad John turned

because when he did

he saw something marvelous.

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