Summary: The song of Mary helps us to understand the true meaning of Christmas in a new way.

A Season of Song

Luke 1:39-80

December 1997


I. The timeless message in music

A. Love of Christmas music

Have you ever noticed how everyone loves the songs of Christmas? Year after year the same timeless songs come back just after Thanksgiving. Songs like Silent Night, O Come All Ye faithful, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Away in a Manger offer us a constant reminder of Christ’s birth. You hear these songs and other Christian music on radio stations, in elevators, at the mall and even when you’re on hold during phone calls. The music of the season is everywhere.

B. The hope rings through

Even unbelievers enjoy these timeless classics about the birth of Christ. It seems that even those who do not believe in Jesus find a sense of hope and peace during these few weeks of the year in something as simple as music. These very special songs of the season help to shed some of God’s light into a very dark and hopeless world.

C. Songs of scripture

The Bible often and clearly communicates the importance of song as a vital part of worship and praise to God. We see songs as a part of the Jewish culture and as a valuable part of their history. When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Moses broke into song and during some of the most difficult times in his life David wrote music to praise God.

II. Two key songs

A. The early church used music

There are many records of the early church and the way that they worshipped. One of the most interesting areas of the early church was their use of music and song. The church had three major songs that were a part of their worship and all three have their source in scripture. The first was The Magnificat or Mary’s song found in the first chapter of Luke. The second was The Benedictus or Zechariah’s Song found also in the first chapter of Luke. The third was the Corpus Christi or the hymn of Christ found in Philippians chapter 2.

B. Inspiration and purpose

These songs were inspired by the Holy Spirit and became a vital part of the early church. This morning we are going to examine the first song because it is a fantastic part of the Christmas story. The song of Mary is a testament to the Father bringing His Son into this world.


I. The Song of Mary

A. The context of Mary’s Song

1. Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel and in his message Mary was told that she was highly favored and would give birth to a son. Mary is given proof of the promise through Elizabeth. Mary was obedient and submitted herself to God and then goes to see the proof. Mary leaves from Nazareth and goes to Elizabeth. All indications point to the fact that she will remain there for some time about three months

2. Mary goes to see Elizabeth

When Mary arrives the child in Elizabeth’s womb leaps for joy and Elizabeth pronounces a blessing on Mary. Blessed among women – The hope of the Messiah was also a hope for a woman to give birth to the Messiah. Blessed is the child: Elizabeth knew that the child Mary would have would be the Messiah. Elizabeth shares her joy with Mary

B. The Message of Mary’s song

1. Mary shows the glory of God

Mary was filled by the Holy Spirit and the words that she gives are directly given by God Himself. Mary reveals that she has a great deal of knowledge of the Old Testament scriptures and understands the character of God.

2. Mary proclaims God as Savior (46-48)

Mary magnifies the Lord. The term, magnify, means to exalt or extol. Literally what Mary is doing is expressing her feeling about the immensity of God because the closer we become to the Lord the larger He becomes in our lives. Mary felt so close to god in this moment that He was larger than life.

Mary rejoices in God her savior

Mary knew God as her only savior and she rejoiced in the fact that God was coming to earth in flesh. Mary is also expressing her gratitude toward God because she is thankful to Him for His choosing her to birth to the Messiah. Mary realizes that she is a vital part of the plan of God. Mary knows that she will be forever blessed and the fact remains that no one has ever forgotten her. God granted Mary a very special role in the history of the world and of the Bible.

3. Mary proclaims God as her source of strength (49-50)

Mary testifies that God is mighty

The strength of God had become obvious to Mary because he had revealed His power by His mighty acts. God was and is able to do all things.

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