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The Ultimate Decision

August 18, 2014

I want to thank all of you who give financially to us because if we were not here doing the Lords work then this weekend may have turned out a lot differently. It seems that demonic oppression was at its peak this weekend.

Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

What does this verse mean? Now we do have struggles with people all the time but this verse is talking about how Satan can incite people against us. The root of problems that come against us usually is not other people but what Satan does to other people to incite them against us. Or Satan can use his demons to oppress us.

This past weekend I had calls, texts and e mails of at least 4 people who wanted to take their lives. Now when I get a message of “I can’t go on any longer”, or "I am going to the mountains with my gun and making it look like an accident” then what would happen if we were not here? That is why I go back to thank you for helping us. We find ourselves so tight at times that we wonder what we are doing and then we see through the darkness the evil all around us. We know we are in the exact place God wants us.

No one this weekend took their life of those the Lord allowed us to reach but we must all be much more about prayer and more aware of our surroundings.

I have written countless notes and e mails to many of you thanking you for helping us stand in the gap. The gap between the light and darkness helping to hold back the evil one in the only name that can - the Lord of all , Our God in the precious and powerful name of Jesus. That name can obliterate any demon and make them run for the hills. The reason I take those e mails and calls so seriously is because God has allowed me to experience this darkness. God did not cause this but He allowed it for his purpose. Darkness is evil, frightening and can take it’s toll on you in so many areas of your life.

If you are being oppressed then it is because Satan knows in some way that God has great plans for you. He would leave you alone if you were not going to be an effective witness for the Lord’s Kingdom. My cousin took his life at at early age. He was so charismatic. He could light up any room but the darkness overcame the light for a moment and his life here on earth came to an end. I believe that if he lived he would have been able to do great things for the Lord.

Loss of hope is the main reason for all suicides. Loss of hope means that there is no way out or that you think there is no way out. So right now I need all of you to pray and keep helping us as a ministry to reach those that need help. Satan has used our financial pressures to inflict much punishment upon me. There have been many times that my hope has been almost gone but there has been a flicker of light amongst the darkness. That light I have clung onto and the more I look at it the brighter it becomes and the darkness cannot hide any longer. It is reveled for what it is. ALL darkness is the absence of light. God is the light of the world.

Right now stop what you are doing as when you pray angels are sent from heaven to help the multitude here on earth to fight in this supernatural dimension that we cannot see. If we could see this dimension of angels and demons fighting for you and me then we would pray wihtour ceasing. Prayer, God’s word, the name of Jesus and His aneles help us to keep on keepin on when things look the bleakest. When where there seems no way out. Please pray for us and pray for all those who are thinking about ending their life here on earth.

“Lord please help us to pray fervently with anticipation of your power to thwart all darkness. To stop the evil one from wrecking havoc among those who could do so much to help build your Kingdom. Please take over that part of all of our minds where this spiritual battle rages and for us to only seek the light and never do any thing in our life that allows the darkness to come in. Let all of us be a remnant Lord where prayer is not only part of our day but where prayer is our day. “ Amen

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