Summary: A look at fasting from a different angle

A Shift in Focus!

Optical illusions

To see something different, change your focus

Many people are focused on the temporal

This earth, money, sex

Instant gratification

Satan even tried this on Jesus- Mt. 4:1-4

Did you catch it in v. 3?

“If You are the Son of God”

Are you kidding me?

“Command these stones to become bread”

The instant gratification

Forget your reliance upon God

Think about your stomach?

What about you?

The temptation isn’t food, it’s a shift in focus

Look at Jesus’ response in v. 4-

“Man shall not live on bread alone”

Not on instant gratification alone

We don’t only live naturally, but supernaturally

“But by every word of God”

Jesus’ focus doesn’t shift

It was already in the right place

How would you have responded?

How do you respond?

Is it possible to keep our focus?

We’re only human

You must choose spiritual transformation to keep focused

One path is fasting

You mean, “skip a meal”

Why fasting?

A command: Mt. 6:16-18

A form of worship

Showing reliance upon God- abstaining for spiritual purposes

It shows you the things that control you

Those temporal focuses

The path leads to an eternal focus

More than that, a reliance upon God alone

Not your car, money, sex or status

See how Jesus used fasting to prepare for the challenge

In the same way we should be fasting

So that when the time comes we don’t shift our focus

Are you dealing with instant gratification today?

I challenge you to begin fasting

I challenge you to shift your focus to the eternal

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