Summary: In order to be used mightily by God as an instrument of His deliverance and healing to others, we must learn to trust Him completely.


H Lee Clay

From the decadence of Sodom and Gomorrah to the debauchery of Herod and Herodias we have seen in times past the despair, the decay, and the decline of a dysfunctional and dilapidated humanity. Solomon in his God-given wisdom declared in Eccl. 1:9, that “ there is nothing new under the sun”.

And that is so true because just when you have thought that you have heard and seen it all, sin has now become so bold and debased that it can blow your mind. As we speak at this very moment there are hundreds of same sex marriages taking place in this country.

As we speak at this very moment there are gunshots and mayhem going on in our communities in which we live while Crips are killing Bloods, Bloods killing Crips and a whole lot of folk are killing themselves with drugs and booze and running with fools. Oh yes, we are living in a sick society.

As a man sits reading the newspaper and his ears being tuned to the radio, he is astonished and amazed by world events tumbling in rapid succession. In our society we find on a daily basis that pain, panic and pandemonium are chasing after each other like June bugs in the summer sun.

We are living in a sick world. A world that has gone mad from the soul rotting properties of wickedness, lewdness, greed, hate, bigotry, perversion and a host of other social,psychological and spiritual diseases.

We have learned that we cannot live without each other but we still have not learned to live with each other while puny men are piddling and paddling with the passing of days.

We are living in a time where we call good bad and bad good. A time when despair and despondency has become the drum major of many of our communities and many of our Young people have never experienced the peace and serenity, let alone the sense of security

of growing up in a world devoid of gunshots,wholesale murder, madness and misery.

Many of our young people are upset and outraged by the spirit of infirmity that has invaded the home and has undermined the institution of “The Family”. Many of their fathers and mothers don’t have a clue about what it means to “raise up a child in the way that it is to go” because many of them are still children themselves.

While they are running the street and put the burden of caring for their children on Grandad and Grandma. Now these children feel abandoned, unloved and unwanted. That’s why so many of our cities have become breeding grounds for gang violence. It’s

because so many of our children feel that they “need to belong to a family that loves them and will give them the nurture and sense of belonging that any human soul would naturally crave”.

We are living in a sick society. Yes, spiritual, emotional, psychological sickness and dysfunction has become as common as the common cold in many of our homes and has pervaded and perverted the institution of “The Family”.

But then the family is not the only institution that has been affected and infected by the agenda of a devil that is hell bent on destroying everything that we and God would hold dear. The Church also has become infected by the spirit of “faithlessness, perversion and indifference”.

And with all of the madness that has come into the world just like that father who brings his son to the disciples, the world brings her problems to the Church of Jesus Christ looking for help, hope and healing. However, unfortunately, the world has brought her case to the footstool of “Weak Saints”.

In the context of our text in verses 1 & 2 we find Jesus giving His disciples “power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. 2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.”

But by the time they encounter a loving father in verses 37-40 they don’t have the power to cast a demon out of a this father’s son. There is a real problem when the power that Jesus gives His disciples to cast out devils can’t even last for 40 verses of one chapter. It is at this point that they have distinguished themselves as “WEAK SAINTS”.

In our text, we find “A Crowd; A Concern and A Challenge“.First we find “the Crowd”. Verse 37 tells of “the great multitude” that ran to Jesus.The son is the one with the problem but it’s “the crowd” that runs to Jesus leaving the poor boy behind. In verse 41 Jesus instructed the father to “bring him here to me”.

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