Summary: This message deals with the accusations Satan will make against us when we stand before God, and how God will answer him.

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Sermon by: Dr. Todd Morris

Text: Zechariah 3:1-7

Title: A Sinner in God’s Courtroom

Date: August 5, 2001

Introduction: This morning we find a sinner having faced physical death, and as Hebrews 9:27 states, “…and after this the judgment.” The sinner has come to a place to which we will all come; he has kept his appointment with the Almighty. Today we find the sinner standing in the True Supreme Court, the court from which there is no appeal.

This court is different from any other court the world has ever known, for there is no guarantee of an attorney, and there is no jury. There is no case and there is no debate. There is simply a judge, a prosecutor and a defendant. That is unless you qualify for a defense attorney, and as I said not everyone does.

Yet there is something even stranger, for you see if you do qualify for a defense attorney is will be none other than the judge himself! Now that raises the question, will I qualify? What does one have to do to qualify?

In our text we find the sinner’s case on trial, so lets enter the courtroom and observe the trial, and see if we can determine what it takes to qualify one for a defense attorney. Let’s see how this sinner fares at his trial.


A. In our text we find ourselves in the Supreme Court of the Universe. God is the Judge, Joshua, the high Priest is the defendant, and Satan is the prosecutor. Satan is bringing his case against Joshua before God. We are told in verse 1 that he is standing at Joshua’s right hand opposing Joshua. Satan will oppose anything you do except sin. The only time Satan is on your side is when you are against God.

B. Joshua is on trial here, but the story would be the same fro any other sinner.

C. The Bible tells us that Satan is the accuser of the Brethren. He is serving as prosecutor. Now we know that there is coming a day described in Revelation 12:10 when Stan will no longer have access to God’s throne, but at the present time he is standing before God day and night accusing God’s children.

D. Satan has no mercy and he does not fight fair. He doesn’t play by the rules. His only rule is, there are no rules. He not only loves to get us to sin, but he loves to point out our sin after we have committed them.

E. Notice that Satan has an airtight case against Joshua. He has the goods on him. Verse 3 tells us that Joshua has on filthy garments.

F. Notice that Joshua has nothing he can say in his defense, because he is guilty of all Satan accuses him of. Satan has brought Joshua to this hour in order to accuse him before God.

1. Satan tempts us.

2. Satan trips us to cause us to fall in the mud.

3. Satan traps us in the mud until we are covered.

4. Satan trounces on us while we are in the mud and accuses us.

5. When we get out of the mud and get cleaned off Satan continues to remind us of the fact that we have been dirty.

G. Joshua had no defense before God, because everything Satan said about him was true.

H. We cannot defend ourselves when we know that we are guilty, for we stand ashamed before God.


A. Notice that while Joshua could say nothing, it was the Judge Himself who rebuked Satan. Look at verse 2. You see when we receive our heart transplant, when we are Born Again into the kingdom of God the battle with Satan is no longer ours to fight, but God’s for we have been cleansed by His blood, and Satan’s real claim is that we are not clean, so he is claiming that the blood of Christ is not strong enough to cleanse us. HIS REAL ACCUSATION IS AGAINST GOD!

B. Listen; there is a wonderful lesson to be learned here. GOD WILL NEVER DEFEND THE SINS OF HIS CHILDREN, BUT HE WILL ALWAYS DEFEND HIS CHILDREN!

C. You talk about a case fixed from the start, this is it brother! This case was decided the day that Joshua got his heart transplant and was born into the kingdom of God. Since the day that Dr. Law performed the heart transplant and Dr. Law declared his diagnosis satisfied Satan has been fighting a losing battle.

D. The Bible says that “Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for us.” That means that ever hour of every day and every hour of every night Jesus, our high Priest is standing before God the Father making intercession for us, and therefore my beloved Satan’s accusations while true will be ruled without merit in the heavenly court!

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Richard Vaughn

commented on Oct 4, 2008

I have been truly blessed by this Sermon.

Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on May 23, 2011

I enjoyed this soooo much but the downfall was that it was only two pages could have been so much more....but with what was here was fantastic !!! this is easy and allows the congregation to follow along and understand !! thank u

P. Devon Brown

commented on Sep 10, 2011

Good sermon. Had not preached this text before.

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