6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: A sermon on the conversion of Zaccheus.

A Small Man Who Became Big

Luke 19:1-10


Who was the shortest man in the Bible?

One person said “Zaccheus”

Someone else said Nehemiah - “Knee high miah”

Another said no, it was Bildad the Shuhite – “shoe height”

Still another said no, It was Peter because the Bible says that “Peter slept on his watch”

Seriously, today we are going to talk about a man who was little in stature but great in faith and repentance. – Zaccheus.

I. First Of All I Want Us To Notice Some Things About The Condition Of Zaccheus.

1. His life was characterized by wrong choices.

a. He was a tax collector. Vs. 2

He had sold out his own people by agreeing to represent the Roman Government.

b. He was not only a tax collector – He was a rich one. Vs. 2

Why was he rich? Because tax collectors extorted far more tax money than was due and by so doing

they made themselves rich.

2. He was also curious.

He was determined to satisfy his curiosity. He didn’t let the fact that he was short deter him.

I have a saying – “People will find one of two things. They will either find a way to do something or they will find an excuse for not doing it.”

The Holy Spirit often uses a persons own natural curiosity to bring them to an awareness of their needs. Often an unbeliever observes a Christian going through some tragedy or sorrow and sees God.

II. The Second Thing I Want To Notice Is What Jesus Did.

1. Jesus looked up – Why? Vs. 5

Why did Jesus look up at this particular place and at this particular time? Because Jesus knew that there was someone up in that tree that that was lost. Always the loving eyes of Jesus were searching the crowds for those who would respond.

2. Jesus called his name.

How did Jesus know his name.

III. The Third Thing That I Want Us To Notice Is The Response Of Zaccheus.

1. Zaccheus came down and received Christ joyfully Vs. 6

2. His life changed – Repentance – Vs. 8

Under OT law if a man stole, he had to repay either double or four-fold, depending on the circumstances. Zaccheus didn’t grumble over the amount. Zaccheus never asked, “How much will it cost.” He paid the highest amount

3. Zaccheus was not saved because he promised to do good works. He was saved because he responded in faith.

4. Note Vs. 7 – The world doesn’t always get excited for us when we turn to Christ.

IV. Last – Notice The Grace Of God

It was after all this had taken place that Jesus said that salvation had come to Zaccheus house. – Vs. 9

The word for “lost” in 19:10 means “to be wasted”. For a life to be lived apart from God means that one’s life is being wasted.

When a day begins – you never know how it will end.

When this day began – Zaccheus was lost.

1. Lost – morally - sinful

2. Lost – intellectually – he didn’t know who Jesus was.

3. Lost – socially – An outcast to his own people.


Life is filled with Sycamores

1. Holy Scripture – Exalts Jesus

2. Private Prayer – Lifts us up to heaven

3. Public Worship – Christ is uplifted

We as believers ought to be “Sycamores”

1. Accessible – available to be climbed

2. Strong – able to bear the burden of others.

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