Summary: A message about seeds how they are hidden influences in our lives. We need to nurture the good ones and remove the bad ones.

A Small Seed

Text: Matthew 13:24,25

Mt 13:24 He presented another parable to them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field.

Mt 13:25 "But while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed tares also among the wheat, and went away.

My message this morning is entitled, "A small seed." Repeat for emphasis.

Do not underestimate the power of a seed to produce things, both bad and good. The bible tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings. Small beginnings both good and bad are to be carefully observed.

Note in our text the enemy did not stay but went away, because the enemy believes in the power of seeds. He didn't stay to water it, he didn't stay to nurture it, he didn't stay at all. He planted it, and left it, trusting that the seed would germinate, sprout, and bring forth fruit. If the devil believes in the power of his seeds, so ought we, and so ought we to guard our hearts with all diligence.

From one of my commentaries:

And went his way. There is something very expressive in this. He knew the soil; he knew how the seed would take root, and grow. He had only to sow the seed, and let alone. So Satan knows the soil in which he sows his doctrine. He knows that in the human heart it will take deep and rapid root. It needs but little culture. Grace (on the other hand) needs constant attendance and care. Error, and sin, and hypocrisy, are the native products of the human heart; (repeat this phrase) and, when left alone, (grow and flourish bountifully) (From Barnes notes, parenthetical statements my addition)

Here are 5 truths about seeds you need to know:

1. Seeds are small but can produce much fruit.

2. Seeds are planted under soil, and once planted are not readily visible.

3. Seeds have to be nurtured to grow.

4. Seeds can lay dormant for a long time and will wait for the right growing conditions.

5. Seeds are planted in a great variety of ways including the feces of birds.

1. Seeds are small but can produce much fruit

We will talk about both good and bad seeds, even as our main text does, but for a moment lets talk about the seed of bitterness.

That is the kind of seeds the enemy likes to sow. Bitterness is a seed that is sown when the heart has been torn open by a wound. I like to compare bitterness to bacteria and the infection that comes with wounds/surgery.

How big is a bacteria?

Imagine if a bacteria could talk, Hey! I'm a bacteria and I'm going to whoop your tail. They are so small you wouldn't even be able to tell where the sound was coming from, and would

laugh off the threat. But you shouldn't laugh off the threat.

Doctors believe in the deadly power of bacteria, though they can't see them with their eyes because of their smallness. They believe little things can cause big problems.

Bacteria usually gets in through a wound, and multiply and cause infection. Just like bitterness.

Infections kill more people than surgery does.

Wounds are not usually deadly, infection is far more so.

According to the CDC death from infection is the 4th leading cause of death

in the US.1 2 More than Aids, Breast Cancer, and Auto accidents combined.

Behind every bitter person is a wounded spirit.

Bitterness is the fruit not of the wound but of the

infection that came in through the wound and was allowed to fester and grow.

Bitter people blame others and they would be better or taking care of the infection that prevents the wound from healing instead of complaining about how they got the wound.

Getting bitter is like tearing out the stitches, it prevents healing and promotes putrefaction.

Bitter people say, "look at my wound, look at my wound." God says look at the

infection of bitterness, it is far more deadly.

Some wounds that come our way are simply the work of the Great Physician lancing an infection to let us know the nastiness that is growing beneath the surface.

Washing of hands is the single greatest deterrent to infection.

In operating rooms they worry more about dirt and germs then they

do about splitting you from head to toe.

Let me illustrate this from the life of an evangelist friend. He had gone to preach a revival a number of years ago, and they took up an offering for him. The offering came to about $400.00 The pastor whittled it down and gave him a total of $34.00. Now for the rub, as if that wasn't bad enough, the evangelist was traveling 150 miles each way, each day to speak at the meetings. The offering was not covering his travel expenses to say nothing of money to live on. He continued to come night after night and the same thing happened. Got down to the last day and he realized something foul had settled into his spirit. He was talking to friends on the phone and was bad mouthing the pastor who was ripping him off. A seed of bitterness had begun to grow in his spirit.

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