Summary: This series details the "messy" people and events that surrounded the birth of Christ. 3 of 3.

First we looked at His scandalous beginning:

- Tamar

- Rahab

- Ruth

- Bathsheba

Last week we looked at His shameful birth:

- Mary the pregnant virgin

- Joseph the confused fiancé

- The uncomfortable trip

- The lack of housing

- Killing spree of King Hero

Today we want to look at a startling truth:

1) You are a mess (Rom. 7:15-24)

- We all try to cover up our mess (makeup and clothing)

- Sin has the power to control our actions

- Sin is a part of us

- There is an internal war going on

- Sin leads to death

- We cannot clean up the mess

- Our messiness makes us all equal

2) The Messiah was drawn to the messy (Luke 5:27-32)

- Jesus was with the people who needed Him the most.

- He purposely surrounded Himself with messy people

- Their message was that Jesus changed them

- The church should be full of messy people

- If the messes are not here then what happened to them

3) The Messiah can clean your messiness. (Rev. 3:15-20)

- (vs. 15-16) You are a mess sick (Can’t decide if cold or hot)

- (vs. 17) You are so messed up that you think you are doing fine

- (vs. 18) Give me your life and I will clean you up (Gold, Clothes, and Salve)

- I will give you a new look on life because sin has blurred your vision.

- (vs. 19) Because I love you I will give you another chance

- (vs. 20) I am waiting for you to open your life to me so that we can fellowship together

- He will not force His way into your life.

Points to remember:

- God’s greatest gift was the MESSiah,

- He cleaned up your MESS

- Your job is to spread the MESSage that He is in the cleaning business.

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