Summary: Sermon on current affairs

A statement that was not true.

The Lord‘s wrath comes forth in the beginning of the night.

A mighty righteous storm have suddenly overtaken us.

The proof that something about America was not right.

The proof that it was untrue, the statement, ‘In God we trust.’

The storm of our global sins has flooded America’s shore.

The results of the love of money that we loved to cling to.

We chased after it after saying God, you we adore.

However just for the love of money, the sins that we would do.

Now faced with a destiny that is uncertain as well as unknown.

The love of money deceived us to do things that were so wrong.

The result is more than losing everything that we own.

Our great grandchildren will now pay a debt that is not their own.

Lord what fears for generations America now must face.

By the evidence of our actions, we truly did not trust in you.

Reeling from the pain of enjoying greed and shamed by our disgrace.

The results of ‘In God we trust;’ a statement that was not true.

Copyright 2008

Reginald Levi Walker

My fellow citizens of the United States of America and those who have chosen to call themselves Americans,

On the back of every treasured dollar bill is the affirmation that in God we trust. We have circulated that untrue statement for years to billions across the world. We have printed that powerful yet untrue testimony on innumerable bills. Nevertheless, in reality, God and the whole world know that we do not trust in God. We trust in the dollar bill.

Since the beginning of this country and before this major crisis on Wall Street, America’s sheer greed or love for money increased dramatically. Over the span of this new century, the greed has become even more prevalent in our society. We impose on the comforts of our fellow brothers and sisters just so the comforts of our lives can increase. We constantly strive to have more and more of the great American dream. We constantly chase after the gods of power, wealth and influence. Greed has never been good and it has caused these current crises to come upon us.

These spiritual and economic crises are a result of a statement that was not true. The punishment for this statement, however, is now loudly ringing true. Our money has lost its value. Our politicians lie to get us to go to war. The companies that we invest our money in have raided the treasuries and left us broke. The number of people forced to go to bed hungry, without shelter or health care is alarming. The church organizations and the spiritual leaders we have chosen to lead us continue to betray our trusts because they, too, are overcome with greed. The vision of the founders had for the U.S has digressed into a representation where the vast majority of people in our own country now do not have.

The reason is the American ideology of Capitalist greed has feasted and continues to feed upon the masses. The rich grow richer. The middle class has disappeared. We continue to neglect the poor and subjugate the homeless to the ranks of the undesirables. Then, our church organizations practice and is consumed by this same capitalist ideology as the vast differences between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow. The influence of Capitalist greed has brought down great ancient societies before ours and it continues to spread poverty across the globe, today.

The question now is when will America wake up and realize where our national obsession with greed has taken us. The question now is do we trust in God or in our ability to think and lie our way back on top. The question now is can we afford to continue to blindly trust our politicians, our spiritual leaders and/or others to save us from these crisis that we are facing.

Therefore, I beg that we judge nothing until the Lord come. He will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God. I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; do not quickly rush to place your trust in the joys of prosperity that our greed can bring. It has become very evident that those joys will only lead us down a path of destruction and shame.

If Americans and those of us who have chosen to be Americans will survive these current crises and the soon coming great global catastrophe, we must first repent for the words spoken on the back of the widely circulated currency that has rung untrue for decades. We must put down our idols of shame, greed, and corruption. We must once again stand and build upon the great foundation of this country.

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