Summary: Someone who walks, lives, prays, and devotes themselves to God … will NEVER be shaken because their refuge is in Him! We have to turn to God for everything we need, even in the worst times of our life.

A Study of Psalm 13 and 14 and 15

Psalm 13, 14, 15


- Psalms broken into 5 books, covered an extensive time period

- Gathered together as songs of praise & words of encouragement/warning

- We are studying book 1, Psalm 1-41 … then will move to something else

- There are psalms of wisdom, royal psalms, lament psalms, & thanksgiving

- There are also psalms of pilgrimage and enthronement (majesty of God) psalms

- If we determine to apply ourselves, this could be a life changing study

- Even though we are all facing challenges, I believe that God is still at work

- This study: I want us, as a church, to examine if we can’t rejoice more

- We ought to be able to praise and want more of God every day

- Tonight, we are going to cover three short Psalms

-- Love for us to see how each tie together … and bring us to place of trust

- If we would get one thing it is this: Bible has already told us how we should live

- Read Psalm 13-15 / Pray

Point 1 – Psalm 13 (Trouble leads us to prayer)

David’s questions of God

• How long will God forget? (1)

• How long will God hide His face? (1)

- The implication here is David is struggling because God is silent

-- He cries out for relief, and God says nothing in the face of his pleas

-- APP: This is a definite struggle for lots of us when we pray

• How long must I be discouraged? (2)

• How long must I be defeated? (2)

- His heart aches for relief, and here, David seems at the end of his rope

-- How long God must I continue to feel as if you do not care about me?

David’s prayer

• Remember me, God (3)

• Rescue me, God (3-4)

- David’s belief is that God’s forgetting him will lead to his demise

-- But still (v4) he cries out because he knows what his enemy will say

-- APP: they will boast and rejoice, unless your victory is shown here, God

David’s praise

• I will rely on God (5)

• I will rejoice in God (6)

- With unwavering faith, David proclaims who he will rely on

- David rejoices in what God is able to do, and in the promises of God to him

- Salvation causes his heart to praise, even in the face of destruction

-- APP: Therefore, I (David) will praise God for all He has done

- TRANS: Taken by itself, this is a great Psalm of praise and hope … continue on

Point 2 – Psalm 14 (Who are we?)

- David’s view of humanity takes an in-depth examination here

- IMP: David uses the word fool; meaning: one who is morally deficient

- The world’s actions are clearly self-centered

• Denying God (1a)

• Dismissing God (1a)

- The entire world has issues

• It has a destructive character (1b)

• Even its conduct is detestable (1b)

- Further, taking this action the world is unable to see their wrong

• None understand (2a)

• None seek after God (2b)

- The examination beings a conclusion that we see today: the world is ignorant

• They never learn (4) – they never call on God

• They never rest (5) – they never recognize what God does

• They never win (6) – they won’t realize that God is a protector; refuge

- So, David appeals to God in Heaven

• For their salvation (7a)

• For their restoration (7b)

• For their celebration (7c)

- IMP APP: Don’t have anything to pray for? Why not start here?

-- FACT: When God’s people pray for God to be revealed; He will show up!

- TRANS: Therefore, David leads us to seek after God

Point 3 – Psalm 15 (x)

- David asks a key question for us to absorb, discuss, and apply:

-- Who may approach God? Who can reside with Him? (1)

- Great news … David answers the questions for us to learn and apply!

1. Character must be holy (2); walk is blameless

2. Conversations must be holy (2-3); speaks with God’s love

3. Contacts must be holy (3); doesn’t seek to promote himself

4. Company must be holy (4); associates with righteous

5. Commitments must be holy (4); keeps his/her word

6. Commerce must be holy (5a); gives freely; doesn’t accept bribes

And what does this give us? ASSURANCE!

Re-read Psalm 15, verse 5b

Big Idea

Someone who walks, lives, prays, and devotes themselves to God …

… will NEV ER be shaken because their refuge is in HIM!

- David’s examination of humanity ought to bring us to examine ourselves

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