Summary: David knew what it meant to experience forgiveness from God. His desire, having known it, was to tell anyone who might read this about it. Do we share the same desire in our life?

A Study of Psalm 32

Psalm 32


- Good evening … short intro on new format

- Open to all, may allow more to attend due to busy schedules

- Comments can be seen by all, questions can be asked through comments

- Encourage participation … strengthening of faith of one another is key

- Looking at our next Psalm, we see some real honesty about living

-- David has a desire here to show us what warped/right living looks like

- Re: Sin referred to here is with Bathsheba and Uriah …

- Read Psalm 32:1-11 / Pray

Point 1

- David is cleansed from sin:

• Praise b/c sin is forgiven (1a)

- David begins this Psalm by announcing the joy that comes from forgiveness

- Word forgiven (Heb. word nasa) means: “to have one’s sin lifted off”

• Joy because depravity covered (1b)

- David knew that unconfessed sin is a tremendous burden

- It can weigh us down physically and mentally

- B/C David confessed, he can testify to this important fact – WE ALL CAN

• Defilement is not counted against him (2a)

- Celebration is b/c God did not count his sin against him

- We too can celebrate b/c when sin is forgiven, it is removed from us

- This is the lesson … unconfessed sin weighs us down

• Deception is removed (2b)

- So, when we confess, we are relieved of the weight of sin

- Note: May still have consequences, but God’s judgment removed

- EX: Confession of a crime may still hold jail sentence due to laws broken

- Remember, David spent much time concealing his sin …

• Suppressed it (3a)

- Note, David changes his tense here from present to the past (remembering)

- Re: He hid his sin from God and everyone around him

- Reference to “I kept silent” is about the sin he did not want to reveal/confess

• Because he hid it …. He suffered for it (3b-4)

- Therefore, he wasted away (punished) by concealing it

- APP: sin can cause us to feel oppressed, cut off, exhausted, and depleted

- So, (analogy) just like the summer heat can zap our strength … he felt it

- Quite literally, his soul was aching and racked with pain b/c of it

- APP: Unconfessed sin can tear us apart, especially spiritually

-- We feel ashamed because of it, and in that won’t talk to God (or confess it)

-- Therefore, our relationship becomes more strained (separated) with Him

- IMP: He hasn’t moved from us … but rather, we choose to cut Him off

-- David felt the same pressure here in his sin … he was hiding from God

-- And not willing to admit that God was the one calling out to him

Point 2

- Pivotal verse of this entire psalm is verse 5 … re-read

- David confesses his sin

• Acknowledged it (5a) – Realized he had done wrong

• Uncovered it (5b) – Let it be known what he had done

• Confessed it (5c) – Admitted where he has sinned against God

• Cleansed of it (5d) – God, in turn, cleansed him of his wrong-doing

- That cleansing is the critical point … means that sin was not held against him

-- We each know what we have done – and where we have done wrong

-- Confession is opening that door for God to heal you of the burden of it

-- KEY: Psalm 51:3, “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.”

- The end of v5 shows us what happens when we confess (literally, repent)

-- “And you forgave the guilt of my sin” … it is not held against him anymore

Point 3

- Admittedly, David had a pretty tough go, but it was brought on himself

-- He did the deeds, he caused the problems, he brought God’s judgment down

- One could understand if he’d just want to go into a hole and forget it all

-- However, he does something incredibly telling of his character and thankfulness

- David teaches us about sin

- “Therefore … let all the faithful”:

• Pray to God (6); there is safety in God (ref: rising waters)

• Rest in God (7); David was hiding from God, realized He is hiding place

• Learn from God (8); God’s desire is to teach us the right way to go

• Submit to God (9); Animals often do their own thing; David cautions us

• Trust in God (10); Only in God do we see comfort and love

• Rejoice in God (11); When we are forgiven, rejoice! (Rinse & repeat v1)

- His outline is like its own sermon … in living color for life application

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