Summary: If we are testifying of God's greatness to others, why not continue to go to him? Why would we not want to experience more of what God offers? God has no limit … David encourages us to CALL to Him daily!

A Study of Psalm 40

Psalm 40


- Wed night format; opportunity to study together from our homes

-- Re: Invite someone else to join in - not an exclusive study for "just LFC"

- Psalms are songs of praise and words of encouragement/warning

- We are studying book 1, Psalm 1-41 … primary focus on David's experience

- One critical point we continue to see: God is David's supplier

-- This is a life-long lesson for us - continuing to surrender to God, daily

-- In this Psalm, we see a great representation of a life obedient to God

- Read Psalm 40:1-17/ Pray

Point 1 - David's Testimony of God

- Why does David praise the Lord?

" David waits, knowing that God has heard him (v1)

o Critical: God does not work on our time table

o Waiting on Him is a must for us … we're in no position to demand

" God is responsible for saving David (and us) (v2)

o From a place of destruction (pit) and filth (mud/mire)

o God has given him a firm foundation to stand on (TRUTH)

" He has changed David (v3)

o Given him a new song to worship

o A hymn that sings praise (vs. complains)

" God has blessed David (v4)

o Following God leads to a blessing

o Psalm 1:1-2, "Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night."

- HUGE: Don't miss any David's praise: (v5)

-- MANY are the wonders you have done (confession)

-- There is NO ONE who compares to you (adoration)

-- Even though I want too, I can't name ALL your deeds (amazement)

- In light of this … David makes a promise to God:

1. I will listen to what God says (v6)

o What a challenge for each of us today: listen to Him!

o David confesses God did not require religious things (sacrifices, etc.)

o He required obedience/faithfulness …

2. I will regard God's word (v7-8)

o Remembers his promise to God: to be faithful (prob. from coronation)

o Reveres the faithfulness; wants to continue living right way

o APP: "I desire to do your will, my God"

- David's promise is revealed in how he testifies about the Lord:

1. I will testify about the Lord (v9)

o He feels a sense of duty to declare what God has done

o For Him, it is a joy to speak about God's goodness

o David is in the role of minister here - declaring God

o FACT: Not my job to save you - just to share who He is

2. How does he testify? (v10)

o Shares God's righteous ways with others

o He is unable to keep silent - unable to refrain from praise

o He must testify (share) what God has done for Him

o APP: We are all called to do the same - to tell of the Lord

- TRANS: David is not declaring he will instantly be perfect

-- But, he is declaring his intention to live intentionally faithful for God

Point 2 - What does David ask of the Lord?

- Because of what God has done, David makes a clear plan forward

-- His plan is simple: I will plead with the Lord

1 - I need your protection (v11-12)

" From my suffering; I need your mercy more and more

" From my sins; my sins are many, I feel weak, I need you Lord

2 - Please Lord, "Save me" (v13)

" David urgently calls out to the Lord (come quickly)

" I am overcome with my sin - and I need rescuing

" APP: Admission that only God can save him

3 - Defend me (v14-16)

" From those who want to kill me

o Re: Many want to end his life

o Re: Many want his life to be a joke; to ridicule him daily

o Only you Lord can defend me - only you can rescue me

" Alongside those who love you

o Therefore (v16) may all who seek you be rescued

o May we find comfort and joy and love and peace in You

o Let our testimony be: "The Lord is great!"

4 - "Please, Lord, remember me" (v17)

" I am poor and needy

o I have nothing to offer, or to bring to negotiation

o Also, he is helpless against his many enemies

o Lord, please think of me (what a great prayer for us all)

" You are my provider

o You rescue me

o You deliver me

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