Summary: In the end days, Jesus will celebrate the marriage of His bride (the church) to Himself. This Psalm gives a peak of what that might look like, and demonstrates the honor that is due to the Groom!

A Study of Psalm 45

Psalm 45


- Wed night format; opportunity to study together from our homes

-- Re: Invite someone else to join in - not an exclusive study for "just LFC"

- Psalms are songs of praise and words of encouragement/warning

-- They are also written to give us guidance and encouragement to live for God

- Today's Psalm is about a very familiar event: weddings

- Read Psalm 45:1-17/ Pray

- First institution God established? Marriage!

-- Man and woman joined together … Garden of Eden (Gen 2)

- This is a wedding song - a celebration of preparing for marriage

-- What this does is simple: It celebrates the joining of two lives

- It is written specifically as a song (hymn) for weddings

-- This would've been sung during the wedding ceremony; tune of "Lilies"

-- No one is sure what that song is; but must've been popular

-- Would consider it like pre-amble to the ceremony (based on words)

- Of special interest here, is right off we get insight into Psalmist's mind

- The Rejoicing Psalmist

" Passion is stirred (v1a)

o For the pending ceremony; honor the king

" Tongue is skilled to compose (v1b)

o Will use his pen to celebrate all that is happening.

Point 1 - The Groom and the Bride

- Then, he takes time to describe the groom and his glory

-- Keep in mind, the groom would've been royalty - deserving of praise

-- Therefore, his words amplify that honor being bestowed on him

- The Royal Groom

" Gracious words (v2)

o He is a godly man; speaks grace to all he knows

o Evidence of a life blessed by God … professes honor

" Girded sword (v3)

o Generals would gird their sword for battle; sign of power

o They would dress in fancy uniforms to show authority

" Glorious majesty (v4)

o He would be a symbol of victory; majesty going before him

o His authority and acts would be signs of his supremacy

" Grand victories (v5)

o In battle, he would be victorious

o He is celebrated for defeating many enemies

" Governing scepter (v6-7)

o Change of person being celebrated

o The king would rule, but under the authority of God's throne

o The true king would have all power; under what God has given

" Glad heart (v8)

o He would be adorned in royal garbs

o Scented and ornate, others would be in awe

" Gathered guests (v9)

o People would come from near and far to be a part of this

o This would be the "event of the year"

- APP: The groom is a sight to behold; worthy of great honor from his guests

- The Radiant Bride

" Separation from family (v10)

o The bride is being asked to forget where she came from

o Focus on what is ahead … life's work

" Her submission to her groom is critical (v11)

o Show reverence, respect, honor, and love to the king

" Her supporters from afar (v12)

o Gifts will come from all around; city of Tyre mentioned

- APP: The bride has a specific mission: To focus on the groom

Point 2 - The Wedding Ceremony

- The Regal Procession

" Her attire (v13-14)

o Look at how the bride is adorned: dress woven with gold

" Her attendants (v14b)

o She is led, more than likely carried, by her attendants

o She is being presented as a cherished gift - a beautiful gift

" Her approach (v15)

o Leading her they sing, shout, celebrate her entrance

o Consider: The bride is presented to the groom as an offering

- APP: Truly this is a joyous occasion; an entrance fit for the groom's honor

- The Reigning Offspring

" His sons are princes (v16)

o The offspring are promised to be a mighty dynasty

o A legacy to be treasured and honored for all time

o Future sons would be princes, crowned for royal leadership

" His success is perpetuated (v17)

o The Psalmist pledges to remember the king/ceremony for all time

o It is the purpose of this writing; to honor the king

- TRANS: So, why is the wedding so important to us?

Big Idea

- Many believe it is not just any wedding, but describes the church's future

- Turn and read Revelation 19:1-10

- In the end days, Jesus will celebrate the marriage of his bride to himself

-- It will be Jesus' celebration of his bride, a celebration to remember

- Like to honor a man of faith who met Jesus face to face today

- "My home is in heaven. I'm just passing through this world.", Rev Billy Graham

- What if we all looked ahead; wanting to see the bride and groom together?

- How different could this world be? How different could we be?

- Pray (for focus, determination, faithfulness to the Lord)

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