Summary: I heard God calling me the other night. It wasn’t something powerful or amazing, it was just a quiet questioning in my spirit saying, ‘Do you have some time for me today?’ Of course part of my mind says, ‘Lord, what do you think I’ve been doing all week

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Introduction: I heard God calling me the other night. It wasn’t something powerful or amazing, it was just a quiet questioning in my spirit saying, ‘Do you have some time for me today?’ Of course part of my mind says, ‘Lord, what do you think I’ve been doing all week? I’ve been preparing sermons and writing Bible Studies. I’ve been memorizing Greek to enable me to better understand your word. I’ve been offering spiritual counsel to those who seek it and thinking non-stop about spiritual matters.’

But have you spent anytime with me? Have you simply stopped giving in order to receive from me?

With that I had to stop. Turn off the radio and spend an hour talking with the Lord.

H.A. Ironside once wrote, “I am ashamed to say that in a very busy life, I have not spent nearly as much time at His feet as I should, but every hour spent there has meant far more than time spent in any other way.”

Let’s consider the supper Jesus shares with two sisters in Luke 10:38-42.

I. A Picture of Martha

i. Describe – Martha: Rich, Responsible and Run Ragged

ii. Martha was focused on giving to Jesus

iii. Martha had determined what she would give and sought the Lord’s help in ensuring it was accomplished.

iv. periesato - translated as cumbered and distracted. Lit. –allowed her attention to wander. Martha had tried to listen but found she could not listen and prepare the meal so she chose to work.

v. Appl.: How often have we desired to hear the voice of God, but have been distracted by other good things that need to be done? How often has busyness taken precedence over rest? How often has our desire to do something significant arranged our priorities? God desires to do something significant TO us.

II. A Picture of Mary

i. Describe Mary: Seeking, Sensitive and Serene

ii. Mary may have started out with Martha, but she quickly decided that she would rather sit at the feet of Jesus.

iii. At the feet of Jesus Mary would discover what the Lord desired, A life yielded to Him.

iv. When offered the option, Mary chose to set aside the pressing matters so that she could listen to the Lord.

v. Interesting that Mary demonstrates the attitude of discipleship, for the Lord calls his disciples first to be with him, and then sends them out to serve.

vi. Appl.: We, like Mary, need to take time to be refreshed by spending time with the Lord.

III. A Picture of Priorities

i. Martha is angry. Angry at Mary and angry at Jesus. Look at all that must be done, and she is just sitting there…

ii. Jesus response: There are many choices in life, but few offer eternal value. Mary has chosen wisely, what she has chosen cannot be taken from her.

iii. Was Martha wrong to want to serve the Lord? No, she was simply confused in priority. For service without submission is simply spiritual substitution.

Conclusion: In conclusion, let’s consider for a moment reality. It is natural for humans to feel the drive to find significance. To do or to be something that will be remembered.

Do you remember High School? Certain people were considered cool, they had the right mix of looks, smarts, style and ability. They made up an exclusive little group that ruled the school… until graduation, suddenly you realized that that wasn’t reality.

In University you aspired to earn the highest honours. You studied and researched; wrote papers and exams, graduating with honors – with significance. But after graduation, you realized that this world was not reality. When is the last time a person on the street has asked what your GPA was in your Senior year?

In the so called ‘real’ world we discover the rat race. Working harder and harder, spending more hours. Putting in over-time. Climbing the ladder. Seeking promotion. Finally, given the right mix, we discover that we are at the top of our field. But then comes mandatory retirement – and after 40 or more years in a career we discover, that that too has been a deception – an unreality of sorts, for it comes to an end.

Then there is the realm of security. If only we can save enough, keep enough, invest enough, earn enough, perhaps we can purchase not only security, but pleasure and prosperity in our old age. But many realize only too late that this is the final deception, for no amount of money or security can purchase eternal peace of mind.

In the midst of this all – at whatever point you are in the changes of life, perhaps you can hear the voice of Jesus. He is just over there in the next room, and his words sound inviting. How you would love to hear what he has to say – but there is so much to do, when will you find the time?

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