"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: This message is to shed light on the deceptions of the Da Vinci Code Theology....


According to the Da Vinci Code:

1. Jesus was Married to Mary Magdalene

2. Jesus handpicked Mary Magdalene to lead his church

3. However she had to flee from Peter who was enraged that Christ chose her to lead his followers

4. The Author says that early Christians knew this information and began to cover it up by saying that Mary Magdalene was a whore.

5. Mary survived only through a few Jews helping her once she had fled to France

6. There she gave birth to Jesus daughter

7. Both Mary and her daughter had to hide the rest of their lives to stay alive

8. The Church sought to destroy all evidence of Mary Magdalene’s true identity and her family’s rightful claim to power.

9. Roman Catholic Authorities sought to destroy the records of the true life story of her

10. Many such documents were buried beneath Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem

11. Other Text written by Christ are buried along with these of Mary Magdalene’s

12. Church officials failed to hide and destroy all of the information due to a few truth-honoring Knights called the “Knight’s Templar.”

13. The Knight’s Templar was formed by a brotherhood group called the, “Priory of Zion” formed in 1099.

14. “King Godfrey of Bouillon” formed this group and according to the Da Vinici Code, was a descendent of Jesus and Mary.

15. This group was formed so that they could pass on the truth from one generation to the next.

16. Over years the Knights Templar Guarded these documents and truths and passed on the knowledge only through Codes & Symbols, the most famous being the Holy Grail

17. The Holy Grail was not the cup of Jesus, but rather a Metaphor for Mary Magdalene

18. Members of the Priory of Sion was, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Italian Painter Botticelli, the French Author Victor Hugo, and many others, were said to be grand masters of the Priory of Sion

19. The author Brown says that the proof of Leonardo’s involvement is in one of his famous paintings, “The Last Supper”

20. This painting allegedly claims to show Leonardo’s own worship of Mary Magdalene, his disregard for traditional Christianity, and the truth about Mary Magdalene.

The Da Vinci Code Theology shows you yet another confirmation of the erroneous belief and falsehood of this author through his deceptive movie. All one need do is simply research it’s account. The book is filled with inaccuracies...



Author Dan Brown Says:

Jesus was viewed as just a mortal prophet until the year 325AD where a supposed group proposed and then voted on that idea and put into action. (A relative close vote, says Brown.)


The Early Church has always affirmed the idea of Christ Deity.

1. Ignatius (30-107AD) - He spoke of Christ Deity and was not rebuked, nor branded as teaching heresy by any of the churches that he sent letters to.

2. Justin Martyr (100-165AD) – In his Dialogue he stated that Jesus was “worthy of worship” and of being called “Lord and God.”

3. Tatian (110-172AD) – He wrote, “We do not act as fools, O Greeks, nor utter idle tales when we announce that God was Born in the form of man.”

4. Irenaeus (120-202AD)

5. Tertullian (145-220AD)

6. Novatian (210-280 AD)

7. Athanasisu (293-373AD)

So there’s no truth in Brown’s claim that it was in 325 AD that the idea was introduced of Jesus deity…




Author Dan Brown says:

That in the year 300 Constantine commissioned and financed a new bible, which omitted those gospels that spoke of Christ’s human traits.


All the truths that we have in our bible were received before the supposed council of 325 AD…




Author Dan Brown says: (Page #231)

That there were over 80 gospels considered for inclusion into the New Testament, and yet only a few were chosen – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


In 1945 there were some ancient books found, but that does not make them true.

Fact is there were people in the past who wanted to live loose and they are still people like that today.

(Gnosticism – Those who says you don’t have to believe in Christ, the Virgin Birth, and you can do anything you want)

Is there any wonder why so many people are drawn by this movie??????

Fact is there were 52 – “Scrolls” but only 5 even claimed to be gospels…




Author Dan Brown says: (Page #244)

1. Jesus married Mary Magdalene

2. Jesus was a father to a child

Brown basis this information on the Gnostic Text that was written in 250AD

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