Summary: Peter was a character. He went from fisherman, to Apostle. From Denying Christ to proclaiming Christ. His is a story of what can happen to us when we experience the forgiveness of Jesus.

Text: Luke 22:1-24:12

Narration: I am known by several names, Cephas, Simon, and Peter. I am a fisherman by trade, with my brother Andrew and friends John and James we owned a very lucrative fishing business off the Sea of Galilee.

Point 1: Met Jesus through my brother Andrew. John 1:41

Three years spent with Jesus

Point 2: The Last three days

A. Went to prepare the place for the Passover (Luke 22:7-13)

B. What did he mean he will not eat this again until it finds fulfillment in the Kingdom of God? Was he going to restore the kingdom now? (22:15)

B. One will deny me

C. Of course not me Lord you know I love you more than these (22:33)

D. Peter you will deny me three times (22:34)

E. Depression How could he say that to me?

Point 3: In the Garden

A. Couldn’t stay awake, too depressed over what was said (22:45)

a. Guilt has a way of stealing from us

b. Best way to deal with guilt is confess it

c. Jesus has the power to take the guilt and the sin away

B. Took out my sword cut off Malchius ear. (22:50)

a. Sometimes we lash out at the wrong person

b. We need to seek their forgiveness too.

C. They take him away

D. The denial in the courtyard, turn and see Jesus looking at me (22:54-62)

1. The servant girl “you are one of his. . .You are mistaken”

2. A man “you are also one of them. . .Man, I am not”

3. Another man“He was with him, he is Galilean.. .I DON”T KNOW HIM

4. I turn and see Jesus looking at me from the window, the rooster crows

5. We deny Jesus with words and actions.

a. When we lash out at our kids when we had the bad day

b. When we act out road rage

c. When we bad mouth people in our church.

d. When we do things like these we are guilty of denying Jesus

e. Be on our guard, but when we fall, go back and seek forgiveness.


E. Run away fall to knees weeping (22:62)

1. Instead of running away we need to run to him.

2. Weeping and feeling sorry is not repentance

3. We must come to him and then change our ways

4. He will give us the strength we need to change.

Point 4: The Crucifixion (23:32)

A. Want to run to Jesus and ask for forgiveness

C. Too late He’s dead (23: 46)

a. It is never too late

b. Not until we are dead

c. While there is still time we must seek HIM.

Point 5 That First Day of the Week (24:1-9)

A. Join others in upper room

a. We come to church

b. But we are not really in the mood to worship

B. Can’t concentrate, or relax only hear that rooster crow (severe guilt)

a. Guilt robs us of joy

b. Guilt robs us of worship

c. Get rid of guilt

C. Mary comes tells us He is Risen

a. If we do not believe He rose from the dead we have no hope.

b. The empty tomb still testifies of His Resurrection

D. John and I run to the tomb

D. Can’t go in How can I face him?

a. We may at times feel just like Peter

b. His Grace is sufficient

c. His forgiveness is greater than all our sin

d. Come to HIM and he will give you peace.

F. What happened here?

G. “Peace be with you” eirene= peace, harmony, tranquility. (24:36)

Conclusion: His grace is sufficient, All we have to do is ask for it. Acts2:38, 1 Peter 1:3-9

When we confess our sins he is FAITHFUL and JUST and will FORGIVE us our sins


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