Summary: Baby Dedication Sermon. We can mostly give an answer about our theology of God, the bible, the church, etc. But what about a theology of children?

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Deuteronomy 6:6-9; 20-25; 7:6-11

What is your theology of children? We can mostly give an answer about:

• Our theology of God

• Our theology of Salvation

• Our theology of the church

• Our theology of missions

Shouldn’t we have a theology of children? What is “theology”?

“theo” = God “ology” = belief system or studies of beliefs

A theology of children = “A system of beliefs relating to both God and children.”

So how does God relate to children?

• “Child” or “Children” occurs 2031 times in the entire Bible

• The family analogy where Israel is referred to as “children” (i.e.: Children of Israel, or descendants) is found throughout the bible

• The analogy of Israel as God’s children is the most prominent representation of their relationship in the bible

• In the New Testament, those accepting Christ as Savior become “children of God”

• The bible is filled with stories of families; indeed it primarily traces the history of one family (Abraham) and its impact on the world

• The bible is filled with God’s instructions for raising a successful family

Using God’s instructions to Israel as they were about to cross into the Promised Land, let’s try to develop “A Theology of Children”. It is:

I. A Theology of Discipline (Deu. 6:6-9)

Discipline = “Training” in God’s Word – “These words…”

A. Grounded in Truth – “be in your heart”

B. Generational Transference – “teach them diligently to your children”

1. “Diligently” – Hebrew = repeated action, as in sharpening

a. Sit

b. Walk

c. Lie down

d. Rise up

2. Every opportunity

C. Guide our Thoughts & Actions

1. “Sign on the hand”

2. “Frontlets between the eyes”

D. Guard our Home

1. Doorposts & gates of the house

2. Entryway

II. A Theology of Development (Deu. 6:20-25)

A. Spiritual Interpretation

1. God brought them out to bring them in

2. Picture of Spirit-filled life

3. God’s perfect plan did not include the wilderness

B. Life Application

1. Model for them the Spirit-filled life

2. God delivered us from bondage of the world (Egypt) to experience His best (Canaan)

3. Don’t settle for the middle-ground of mediocrity (the wilderness)

4. We need to teach our children that there is more to being a child of God than fire insurance and church attendance based on when it fits our schedule.

***We need to teach the Spirit-filled Life***

III. A Theology of Dependence (Deu. 7:6-11)

A. He Chose Us

1. He chose us

2. We had no claim on Him

B. We Need Him

1. We owe Him everything

2. We must depend on Him

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