Summary: A woman desperately seeking Jesus.

Just a "Touch" of Faith


Faith in the Bible is defined as such, Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence

of things not seen.

Faith is the essence of your salvation. If you have faith in Jesus' completed work on the cross to save your soul,

than He will. If you do not have faith in Jesus' completed work on the cross, than you are destined to hell for eternity.

Faith is the key that unlocks the door to heaven. Faith is what allows Jesus to enter into your heart. Faith is what

saves your soul from hell, And Faith is what gets Me through every day of my life, How about you?

In the Bible, it's hard to turn to a page and not find a story about someone's faith or lack there of. But one of my

favorite examples of faith in the Bible is found in Mark chapter 5:24-34.

In this text, we have Jesus walking with his 12 disciples, on their way to heal a very sick child. And as they are

walking on a very crowded road, full of people something happens. Thus begins our story of a woman full of faith.

Read verses 24-34 of Mark chapter 5 with me.

In verses 25-26 we learn of her health issues. She has a bleeding problem that will not stop. She spent every

penny she had, seeking a cure from several different physicians and through it all, her condition worsened.

She is at a breaking point in her life. She's at her wits end. Her health situation is apparently incurable, she

literally has no way , no Hope of escaping her current condition.

UNTIL look at verse 27 , She HEARD of JESUS. This woman just received hope. She heard Jesus was

in the area. She knew about Jesus and His healing power. She heard of His miracles. She heard of how Jesus

gave sight to the blind, she heard of how Jesus made the lame to walk, She heard of how Jesus cast out demons,

And she KNEW He could heal her as well.

What a wonderful picture of faith. This woman represents every person in a lost spiritual condition. When you

were lost in your sins, nobody could change the state of your condition, except JESUS CHRIST.

At some point in your life, you were like this woman. You had a problem that needed to be fixed. And nobody

could fix it. Your sins were tied to your being, they were going to take you to hell, BUT ONE DAY, you heard

about Jesus. And like this woman, YOU then had hope.

This woman tried everything, she visited every doctor, she spent every penny she had searching for a cure but

Nothing or Nobody could fix her, Except Jesus.

Your sins could not be forgiven, they could not be forgotten by God, You were going to have to pay for them

yourself in hell fire, and nobody could help you, Except Jesus.

Notice here in verse 27, this sick woman is trying to fight through the crowd. She is searching for the ONE that

she believes can cure her and she literally , crawling on her knees, According to Matthew 9:20, reached through the

crowd and was able to lunge and touch the hem of his garment. In Luke chapter 8, Luke says, she was able to touch

the border of Jesus' garment. A desperate lounge, A "TOUCH" of faith.

Does that describe how you met Jesus? Were you at a breaking point in your life? Did you realize that your

condition was incurable? That you were a sinner, on your way to hell. Were you searching for the ONE that could

change that? Did you say, I will find Jesus. I will fight through anything to find Him, I will crawl on my knees if I have

to, I will humble myself and trust that Jesus and Jesus alone can save my soul.

This woman had a real faith. She believed that if she just was able to touch the hem of His garment, that she

would be cured, according to verse 28 here in our text, Folks that's faith.

Do you still believe that today? Let me ask you, How do you touch the hem of Jesus' garment today?

The answer is through prayer. Today, you must apporach Jesus, through Prayer, in like faith. Believing that if you

can just touch the hem of Jesus' garment, through prayer, Anything can be accomplished in your life.

Do you believe that? Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you still desire to touch the hem of Jesus'

garment in order to perform miracles in your life or in the life of others? Do we approach Jesus with such urgency

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