Summary: This sermon discusses how to develop a true love relationship with the Lord and what happens after you get that relationship.

True: constant, legitimate, real, genuine

Love: a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment to; to delight in; to take pleasure in; to gain benefit from; without payment

Relationship: the quality or state of being connected, a continuing attachment

Continue: uninterrupted existence

A Genuine uninterrupted pleasurable connection with God.


Relationships in Life: Two Categories: Outer Circle Inner Circle

Take a moment and think about all the relationships in your life. If we were to all sit here and write our relationships out on paper we would notice that most of us would arrange them in two groups. You would discover that some people would be on the outer circle, those are they that you hardly see or even consider really having a relationship with them because they don’t really know anything about you or you about them.. Then you have those who are really close, who know you sometimes better than you know yourself. Those that know intimate secrets and thoughts that you have; those are they in the inner circle.

These are the two extremes, but there are many circles in between. Now here’s the tough question: into which circle does God belong? Is God someone who you know little about or someone so close that sometimes it hard to tell where God stops and you begin? Where does God take residence in your life?

Can you really love someone if you don’t even know her or his name To truly love people you need to know them. Knowing someone’s name is a good start, but getting to know the person behind the name takes time and effort. Knowing the name of God tells us something significant about Him, but How can we really get to know all about God and who He is? And how can we come to know Him on an intimate, personal basis?

God pursues a love relationship with each one us. He knows us and he wants us to know him. It’s all over the scriptures. In John 17:3 Jesus is praying to the Father that we might know him. In Ephesians 1:17 Paul prays the same prayer that we might know God. This is relationship. God has given the spirit and the spirit gives wisdom and power; for what? Not first for service, but so that we may know God better, because that’s where life is. If you take the whole bible and divide it relationally, Genesis 1 and 2 deals with humanity created in right relationship with God. The rest of the bible up to Revelation 19 deals with the broken relationship between us and God and Revelation 19 on deals the restored relationship. So the bible is dealing with God restoring a relationship between us and him. God is pursuing a true love relationship with us. There is no guessing that God really loves us the fact that He gave his son as a sacrifice proves that John 3:16. But do we really love Him?

Yeah it is basic, but do we live our lives as if a relationship with God is the central thing in our lives. That’s what its about. It’s actually experiencing God. It’s not about the right kind of theology about Him and having that theology is what’s going to shape our lives, we have to have relationship. In love, God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. He wants us to know not just that He exists, but who he is. And, he wants us to know Him not just as some Supreme being but as loving Father who cares for His children and wants to have a living relationship with them. The most important thing that we need more of is not money or power, even though some more money would be good right about now. But its true love for God.

How To Develop the Relationshp

1. Believe (Romans 10:9,10)

2. Get to Know God: Reading His Word (2 Timothy 2:15)

So if we want to know God we must go to His written Word that He has revealed to us, for our instruction. The same Holy Spirit that inspired the Word of God continues to work through the Word to bring us to faith, to help us know and understand God, and to keep us growing in faith. You can’t get to know God and mature in your faith unless you are regularly meeting with Him in His word.

3. Pray (Communication) (I Thessalonians 5:17; Philippians)

Our relationship with a person must be grounded in conversation. The more we speak together, the better we come to know each other. The same holds true to our relationship with God. We have to open up our ears minds and hearts to God. In prayer we praise God for his love and care, and in through conversation we grow and are enriched in our relationship to God. Relationships are not one-sided. You heart is at peace when the person you love returns your love.

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