Summary: A Brief meditation on the only university where Solutionology,the science of solutions is taught and solutions for every problems are presented. We don’t have to waste our precious time searching for its location in the internet. Mary, the sister of Marth

"O Lord, you have searched me and you know me....Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain" (Psalm 139 : 1 - 6)

Moses Mendelssohn, a fourteen-year-old Talmudic student entered Berlin in 1743 through the city gate reserved for Jews, cattle and pigs. The sight of the boy was so pathetic; a hunch-back, wearing ragged clothes like a beggar, nearly penniless and barefoot. After his long journey across a hundred miles of hilly country side, he was weary and entirely drained off his strength. Only a small number of rich Jews, plus the occasional scholars, were allowed to live in the Prussian capital. The gatekeeper’s job was to keep out all others without visible means of support. He questioned the boy as to what he wanted in Berlin. Mendelssohn humbly replied, ” To learn.”

In the depth of every man’s heart, there is a genuine urge to acquire knowledge and to discover truth. Unfortunately, modern education hardly contributes anything to quench the thirst of the inner man.

Condemning the limitations of modern education, Bertrand Russel, an English philosopher, mathematician and writer, once said that education is one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought. Pointing to the futility of education, G. M Trevelyan, the renowned British historian said-

“Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading”.

It is unfortunate to see in the present world that in the name of education, poison is injected in high doze into the minds of students. Blatant lies and distorted truths are systematically implanted perpetually in the hearts of those who are in pursuit of truth and knowledge. Hypotheses that have no firm basis are taught in the universities with incredible enthusiasm. However, there is a university that excels all the universities under the sky combined together. That’s the Heavenly University run by the Triune God.

If knowledge can be considered as a huge ice-berg, what the worldly universities teach in the name of knowledge is just the tip of the ice-berg. After conducting experiments within the four walls of it’s laboratory and later declaring that God is just the product of human imagination, is bizarre. In spite of transmitting knowledge, skills and values accumulated by the society as a whole, there still remains many incomprehensible queries. However, in the heavenly university, each and every query is certain to be justified. Some times, the answers to our numerous questions may be delayed, but definitely be answered someday, either here or in the heaven of heavens.

In the well-known universities on this planet, teachers and students oftentimes analyze various problems. They may find cutting-edge information about those problems. However, many a times they find themselves desperate for an intelligible solution.

At the moment, the whole world is being crushed under the iron heels of economic crisis. Even the world powers are struggling to survive. Active discussions are going on in various universities. Seminars sponsored by business magnates are organised regularly to find some solutions to the present problem. Many have their own opinions as to what is best for their country. Later on, they would realize that their suggestions are impractical and only worsen the situation if implemented.

Modern science is capable of predicting a possible hurricane and the disasters each one would cause. Science has christened them with special names solely based on their nature. But so far, there is not even a single university on the surface of the earth that teaches its students methods to stop or at least control a hurricane.

One of the most unique creations of the Almighty God is the earth that we live in. However, man has gone to the extreme extend of burying highly destructive arms and ammunitions in the womb of this planet. Just a click on the remote is more than enough to convert this beautiful globe into a fireball. The credit for bringing this planet to such a grave situation belongs to the modern science. Atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, nuclear bomb and other deadly weapons are the products of human imagination. In these days of human conscience descending to the freezing point, nobody is bothered to ponder over the damages inflicted on innocent civilians caused by this weaponry. The ozone layers laid by God to filter the most dangerous ultra-violet rays originating from sun is shockingly perforated by the smoke and gases produced as a result of bomb explosions.

Modern science doesn’t know how to repair the damages imposed on these protective layers. Neither the worldly universities nor the environmentalists have any idea on how to heal the deadly wounds on earth as a consequence of irresponsible and senseless use of modern weapons during wars. The atom bombs dropped by the U S in Hiroshima and Nagazaki on 6th and 9th of August 1945 converted those areas into places almost impossible for human existence. The science that gave birth to disastrous weapons now have no solution in their hands to replace the old glory these places once possessed.

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