Summary: In observance of the ’Sanctity of Life’ week, we will look into the account of creation to see what God’s word has to say regarding the value of life. Outside of God’s word all other opinions are what they are--opinionated.

I. God Made Mankind to Represent Life (v26)

God made man His image--an image is a reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing.

God made man in His likeness--this represents His very character.

He did not make the heavens in His likeness; nor the animals; nor even the angels--He chose mankind, to be His special people (Deut 7:6, I Peter 2:9)

II. God Made Mankind to Respect Life (v26b-27)

God intended for man to value ’life’ in a society that values the animal and plant life over the lives of unborn voices--we misrepresent--we mistreat the very nature of God

Each year approximately 1.5 million lives are aborted--what respect do we reflect as God’s image?

In many issues--abortion,cloning,alzheimers, terminally ill exists the very precious nature of life

III.God Made Mankind Replenish Life (v28)

The word ’replenish’ does not mean to replace--but literally in the original Hebrew--’fill the earth for the first time’

Creation belongs to God--it is His nature, and by Him valuing life--He has given us the fruit of His reward (Psalm 127:3)

By terminating His plans we assume the role as creator--which blasphemes His Holy character

"Be fruitful and multiply"--preserve the voiceless lives by opposing abortion--no compromise

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