Summary: To note the importance of drawing close to God.

A Warning Against Worldliness

Text: James 4.1-10

Thesis: To note the importance of drawing close to God.


(1) Have you ever been wanted “your way”?

(2) We live in a culture where we are taught to “have it your way, right away.”


I. The Curse of Worldliness:

A. Leads to:

1. Arguments

2. Sinful actions

B. Ultimately, we become God’s enemy (v. 4).

II. The Cause of Worldliness:

A. Want things for self (v. 1)

- There is an emphasis on self 14 times in the first 4 verses

B. Elevate self above God (v. 2)

C. Think only of self in prayer (v. 3)

D. Allow self to be deceived by the world (v. 4)

1. “Trying to be friendly with the world without being harmed by the world is like a mouse being friendly to a mousetrap, a deer being friendly to a hunter” (Roper 84).

2. Illustration – Husband and co-worker

III. The Cure for Worldliness:

A. Accept the grace of God (v. 6)

B. Be obedient to God (v. 7)

C. Become more like God (v. 8)

D. Humble self before God (vv. 9-10)


Will you live for or against God?

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